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  1. @Millennium Falsehood: Thanks a million for the info!
  2. Well, this just shows that not everything from the EU makes sense. I played Dark Forces and all the Jedi Knight games (actually I played many of the SW games from the good old days) and always liked the HWK-290. I would consider myself quite a Star Wars fan, but not an expert. I like the EU (ever since I read the Thrawn trilogy) and therefore enjoy surfing through Wookiepedia on occasion. But I do ignore certain things from the EU if I find them silly. Before X-Wing came out I noticed the entry of the HWK-290 on Wookiepedia. The term light freighter and the 29 meters length seemed rather odd to me straight away. Also the fact that the HWK-290 could carry more cargo than a YT-1300. Even if the HWK-290 would be 29 meter, a sleek ship like that would never be able to carry more cargo compared to the YT-1300. I actually played the first level of Dark Forces after reading that and since then have decided to simply ignore the EU there as it's obvioulsy wrong.. In my eyes FFG has nailed the HWK-290 perfectly. I don't know who came up with the term light freighter, if that was LucasArts themselves or someone else. But I would at best call it a very small light freighter. ;o)
  3. Wave 2 should still be available (not easy to find due to X-Wing popularity, but some are still around). Wave 1 reprints should be done in May.
  4. dvang said: Personally, I think the delay is purely logistical. Any time a game appears on Tabletop the sales increase tremendously for that game. Given the recent advent of Wave 2, and the sales, I expect not enough X-Wing is in stock in stores. Thus, FFG requested a delay such that they can get a new print of X-Wing ships to stores in time for the airing of the episode. That is a very valid point. I only recently got into X-Wing and man it's hard to get your hands on that game. I'm sure even FFG is surprised by the succes of the game. I managed to get the Core game, the Falcon, Slave-1, A-Wing and the Interceptor. Glad that the 1st wave is reprinted soon (some people out there ask for ridicilous money.
  5. I ordered myself X-Wing today (with a few expansions) and thought I'll check the forums regarding some of the unavailable models. Happy to see that Wave 1 is being reprinted and ready for May. Then I saw this thread and went "There will be even bigger ships?!". Personally I think there is no need to go any bigger than the Millienium Falcon or Slave 1. The biggest ship that might be possible would be a corellian corvette. But even that would be very large (and maybe only usable as some kind of mission objective). Other problem, there is no Imperial counterpart to it. And changing scales would be lame. Personally I doubt we will get any capital ships.
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