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  1. Two Black Reaches when it came out in 2004 would cost $100 total. That gave 58 on one side and 34 on the other side. Dark Imperium was the first GW starter set to break the $100 mark.
  2. Bretonnians last update was what 2003-4? That army book can vote soon.
  3. I think it would be funny if they just stopped posting Imperial spoilers and we got to find out when they became available. Now I very much don't think they will ever do this but it would be an exaggerated parody of the current state.
  4. I see lost models due to damage as just ineffective fighters. Maybe they took a graze to the arm which results in aim being off so they don't contribute to the fireing pool. This way a medic could easily give them an adrenaline shoot or bacta equivalent to get them not healed up but back in the fight.
  5. Winged Gundark


    I've had some close games with panic due to the commander not being close enough. I don't think I've ever seen Luke Panic.
  6. I would argue that the Clone Wars Cartoon did a much better job fleshing out the intentions of the prequel trilogy. I absolutely hated the Prequel trilogy until I watched all of The Clone Wars. It added so more depth to the characters.
  7. I remember when X-Wing first came out releases were 6 months late.
  8. If my memory is correct they had a variable game length from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. I only really had issues when it was set to 60. Even 75 minutes rarely was an issue.
  9. I know more none Fantasy Flight games have incorporated clocks due to slow play. This would seem like a balancing factor also for people walking in with the maximum amount of activations. Doesn't matter if you have 12 activations if you used all of your time by the end of turn 3. In the past I've always seen Fantasy Flight as having no clue how long it takes to play the game. I used to play allot of competitive X-Wing so I know the pain of going to time due to slow play. It shouldn't take two ships more time to plan move and shoot compared to 4 ships.
  10. Sorry to clarify I'm talking about the DW-3 Concussion Grenade Launcher Range 1-2 2 black dice blast. I can usually get into range turn two first turn I'll move forward and usually do some damage with the main gun. The main gun averages 3 hits so you on average will at least have them rolling some saves even in heavy cover. 2nd turn you might be able to aim and fire the mortar but more then likely you will be moving and shooting one more time.
  11. I like using the grenade launcher and deleting or at least seriously crippling a unit in one round.
  12. This may be just because I come from games with allot more history but it kind of seems boring to constantly have an empire and rebel equivalent for each release. I don't think that the whole world will melt down if we don't have the exact same representation each release. Now I know that most of there releases run slightly differently but it just seems super boring.
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