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  1. It's all up to the GM. It's not like in video games where you're done with a quest and move on. This all story based. You can tell your gm that you chose to loot the bodies. It is then up to the gm to allow or deter the pc.
  2. +10 to what damage been meaning to ask this what is the +10 going to
  3. So how is everyone getting it...? Am I missing something...?
  4. Oh this is awesome I was just thinking of posting a thread like this. I to am looking for maps and visuals that my group can use. We never used them before and they were a big hit! Please info would be great.
  5. So I really want to run the beginner game, but sadly I have only two people who come over weekly. Now my question is can the game be ran with just two pcs? I will be making a pc but he will onlyy be there as support mostly for battle purposes. Everything else in the game will be up to my pcs. What do yo guys think Any suggestions would be helpful.
  6. rgeer3 said: A1istir said: So ffg is normally on point with this topic but I have to ask. Will there be mats and other supplies for the game? I already bought the sleeves which are fun and different, but will they make mats, deck boxes, etc? I'm a mat collector so I definalty would love to get some for this game. To answer your quesion. Regional Kits Star Wars™: The Card Game 1 Regional Champion 2013 trophy 1 World Championship Weekend ticket 2 Regionals 2013 Balance of the Force coins 8 Full-color Star Wars™: The Card Game playmats 16 sets of 6 Regionals exclusive affiliation cards cards (96 cards total) 1 “Balance prize” - Deck box from a recent Game Night Kit for the last place player A large 5’ x 2’ ‘Regional Championship 2013’ banner to be displayed at the venue Game Day Kits: Nine copies of Red Five, titled in Aurebesh* Two copies of Darth Vader, titled in Aurebesh One Star Wars™: The Card Game deck box, featuring Darth Vader unleashing his fury upon a squad of Rebel troopers Two sets of seven acrylic focus tokens One 19.5” x 13.5” promotional poster fit to rule the galaxy Thank you I appreciate your response
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