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  1. I would say however the GM/Player want to interpret it. I personally would allow it if the character is just tossing the currently held weapon to the ground... I would not let them "Reholster" this weapon. This brings another thing up... the game will have a "Rounds" listed for each weapon. GM can decide if he wants to track this, or use the out of ammo rules in EotE. The Round will be pretty generic as the guns will also. I am planning on having Derringer (2), Holdout (6), Pistol (6), Repeating Rifle (15), Hunting Rifle (1) and shotgun (2). Again, these are totally generic. I may eventually use the in game customization rules to create actual different models. That is one of the big differences. In Star Wars, blasters fire (usually) between 100 and 200 times before running out of energy from a fresh power pack. Some overcharged things fire less (I believe heavy blasters fire either 25 or 50, can't remember), and some smaller things fire less simply due to size. When you can fire 100 rounds before needing to worry about running out of ammo, it means a whole lot less than when you only have six. However, westerns often ignore the ammo constraints unless it actually becomes important, having people shoot for awhile, then reload when two characters decide to talk about something or they want a moment of tension. And the other issue is that as written, the system doesn't consider one attack roll to necessarily be one shot fired, so that could muddy up the tracking of ammo unless you decide to modify that.
  2. Sinosaur

    House rule for Languages.

    Or used to keep the plot from the PCs... excepting when them not understanding is part of the plot.
  3. Sinosaur

    EotE Core Rulebook Errata

    I know, at the very least, that universal specializations are meant to cost as much as career specializations. That table is somewhat confusing, but the text quite clearly spells out the intention that it's supposed to be 10 times the total number of specializations (including the one all characters start with). So regardless of career, if FSE is your second specialization, it costs 20 XP. This is the minimum cost to buy into FSE.
  4. They are career skills for whatever the GM says they are, since the system is already being altered. The GM might require another (similar) career skill be replaced for it, though.
  5. Sinosaur


    The only thing that you'd really have to deal with if you change the point in the timeline is that a lot of the gazetteer stuff is going to be inaccurate. People will still be using blasters and space ships, and the exact mechanics of those is less important than the story people are going through.
  6. Sinosaur


    I assume that vehicles don't count listed individuals as part of their encumbrance (i.e. the room for those characters has already been removed from total encumbrance).
  7. Since power packs can be recharged (explaining why your weapon isn't useless forever when the GM activates the out of ammo Despair), the extra reload can be reused whenever the gun would naturally be back to "reloaded." The players can just hook up the power packs to some power source and get them working again. The Despair effect still has meaning -player needs to spend a manuever(?) to get their gun working again-, but there's less unimportant book keeping.
  8. I disagree, based on my understanding of the Gand culture. And if there is some settlement of Gand living in a colony off the homeworld (which is the only way you're likely to end up with any sizable population), they're either going to follow the same culture or be very different. Regardless, they're either likely to follow the same rule where only those that have earned at least a single name are going to leave the settlement or their culture is radically different from the standard Gand culture, in which case you'd need to sort out why they're different and what the actual differences entail.
  9. I think they have them even if they don't generally use them. I'm sure the bounty hunter license of a Gand hunter isn't just made out to "Gand" nor would the BoSS papers for a starship just list "Gand" on them. The Gand may just refer to himself simply as "Gand", but that's not the same as not having a name. Any Gand who has made it off planet has completed an achievement worthy of at least one name. Does that include those that were born off planet? Is surviving birth a "worthy achievement" (some kids today seem to think so)? If not, I'd be wary of such generalizations. Considering the environmental requirements for Gand, I don't really imagine a lot of them leaving planet unless they've proven themselves capable. These environmental requirements would also severely limit the number of Gand born away from the planet. So while there may be some Gand somewhere who was born off planet, that's a rare enough occurrence to me that some unique situational stuff is being applied.
  10. That's just a failure, in my opinion. Possibly failure with threat at worst.
  11. I think they have them even if they don't generally use them. I'm sure the bounty hunter license of a Gand hunter isn't just made out to "Gand" nor would the BoSS papers for a starship just list "Gand" on them. The Gand may just refer to himself simply as "Gand", but that's not the same as not having a name. Any Gand who has made it off planet has completed an achievement worthy of at least one name.
  12. Sinosaur

    Cover and Armor

    In the Original Trilogy, the only person who has armor with a defense die is Boba Fett, who doesn't really get any chances to jump into cover. In the prequels... I think the only person who would get it is Jango Fett? He also seemed to use primarily active moving around combat styles rather than jumping behind things, but he also pretty much just fought Jedi and cover doesn't work against melee. So, based on the movies alone, nobody who has armor with defense dice uses cover. Stormtroopers just have Laminate, which is only soak.
  13. Sinosaur

    Cover and Armor

    I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying that the standard is going to be PCs without that sort of equipment. How much in the way of actual credits they get vs specific rewards and what options have they to actually get specific equipment even with money are in the hands of the GM. Unless it's a small group, the PC who spends 1000 credits on one piece of armor is putting the majority of their money into that armor, ignoring a lot of other worthwhile equipment. In the groups I've played with, I don't think that's likely to be where people put their money (more likely to get a better weapon on the fighting types and more likely to buy gear for other skills for the rest). If that's not your experience, then more early consideration probably should go into how those stack.
  14. Sinosaur

    Cover and Armor

    This really is a later game type question. PCs aren't likely to have armor that grants setback dice for awhile, so they'll be sticking to cover. The ruling that they don't stack will make that early NPC with armored clothing or what have you more impressive as they move about the battlefield without trying to hide.
  15. Sinosaur

    A quick skill question

    Make certain you give appropriate boost and setback dice as appropriate. If the PCs are crawling around in the brush at night, the guards are going to have a few setback dice. The brush might grant a boost die, but the darkness would be a setback. Distance from the guards should also grant setbacks for the guards. These are the sort of things that are important to helping even the less stealthy PCs feel like they've got a chance.