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  1. I'm a huge fan of the VTES CCG… hell my playgroup play one week vtes the other agot … but I see the problem on card limit…
  2. Hi! I'm a martell player and would love a copy of this item. I might be able to get my hand on a few… Anyone would be willing to sell me one? PM me offer. If no one want to sell me one, anyone would be willing to buy one from me? Like I said I found a place that want to sell me some but shipping charge are outrageous so I would too buy a few to make it reasonable send me offer by PM thank you. Thanks
  3. Je suis en processus de créer un groupe à Québec, il existe un bon groupe d'une dizaine de personne a Trois-Rivieres qui jouent un mardi sur deux la prochaine fois serait le 22/1/13. Eventuellement on pourrait organiser des partis peutetre un tournois à Trois-Rivieres (mi-chemin pour Quebec et Montréal) Jonathan
  4. Looking for player in Quebec City too. tx Jonathan
  5. Hi, I'm also looking for players in Quebec City. I'm slowly starting a new group but would love to join some existing group when I can.
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