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  1. More more more adventure books I always say
  2. I can never know how much of this game's excellence s due to you, sir but I find your product to be top notch in every way.as an old guy I don't care much for change we can only hop the excellence continues
  3. twas ever thus. I, alone, apparently loved the prequels. No Lucas, no Star Wars
  4. Welcome indeed. I recommend starting with the Edge of Empire beginner game. fun in itself. and you will quickly learn all the rules. smugglers, bounty hunters and iconic characters galore.
  5. When Force and Destiny beginner game arrived I complained on these boards FFG had missed the opportunity to address the prequel era. Figuring the new movies would capture everyone's attention, I moaned that the prequels never would be sourced, Now I see Rise of the Separatists is coming When? When? When? Hurry please!
  6. The excellent Republic Commando series of books by Karen Traviss posits a force sensitive son born of a Jedi and Clone trooper; raised as a mandolorian to boot
  7. Nexus of Power is like a chest full of toys to play with. I've spent nearly 17 months living in Chronicle of the Gatekeeper
  8. Certainly anyone using a sith artifact for his own benefit would fall to the dark side
  9. When Disney-owned Marvel got the license, I vowed to give up SW comx. I couldn't resist, however when I visited my local shop
  10. came across this article today spoilers, I guess http://www.looper.com/100897/small-details-missed-last-jedi/sl/speeder-proof-upgrade
  11. GL shorthand for Anakin's motivation to becomemVader. One to have power and the other to crave it, which Anakin exhibits in ATOC during his chats with Padme
  12. Galaxy Campaign Guide d100, rolled 63 Racing diversion Join a race—not to beat the competition but instead to access, reconnoiter with or assault a target along the race route. Perfect, we'll add our booster Admiral Ackbar to deck after the victory. Initiative rools: Boba/Veteran Storm Trooper 1, Luke/Han 2 so battlefield is Outer Rim Outpost Nal hutta, Nal Hutta was a hot, swampy planet[2] located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories[1] that was the homeworld of the Hutt species. The planet was a haven for the criminal elements of the galaxy, located far from galactic authorities. Its terrain was covered with numerous bogs, and its climate often consisted of greasy rains. Smugglers, freelancers and mercenaries flock to the galaxy’s many Hutt-controlled hives of scum and villainy to fulfill their depraved desires or make a quick profit. Opportunity is abundant, but it comes at a perilously steep price. Anyone who flies Hutt Space lanes and hauls their questionable cargo must continuously ask themselves how far they’re willing to go in the name of cold, hard credits. One location essential for any voyage into Hutt Space is the Kwenn Space Station, the neutral gateway between the Empire-controlled Mid Rim and the lawless regions ruled by the Hutts. Over 325,000 humans, Hutts, and other species permanently reside in the space station, with at least another 20,000 passing through daily, many of them being spice smugglers, weapons dealers, and mercenaries. But Kwenn is also an elite resort catering to the galaxy’s ultra-wealthy. Its towers are filled with expensive entertainments, from casinos and cantinas to spas – and even an opera house. It’s an ideal place for a smuggler to have a business meeting with his Hutt employers, for a bounty hunter to begin the search for her quarry, or for a quiet young entertainer to become involved in a Rebel conspiracy. So first stop is Kwenn Space Station,where Han picks up hidden blaster at a weapons shop named Maz Attacks, operated by Maz Kanat. Soon Boba Fett comes in an Maz says, I do't do business with people in masks. He removes his helmet. She pulls out a wrist rockets launcher that once belonged to Jango. "This is part of your destiny.
  13. All right, thank you everyone. I love the game but this baffled me. first time I laid out Fin I gave him a shield. FFG is still tops in my book
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