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  1. Hi guys, My scenario: Before The Great Bridge is explored The Balrog already has 25 damage points on him, in this case I don't need to sacrifice heroes in order to damage him but I'm not sure if The Balrog loses all the keywords if no hero is discarded. Thanks
  2. Ah man, you are right, I think I forgot that the card says "cannot be optionally engaged", my mistake. Regards
  3. Thank you guys, Now I understand how it works, just one more question, in the case of The Balrog is different because the text says " while in the staging area. The Balrog is considered to be engaged with the first player..." So The Balrog will be in (and attack from) the staging area unless a player chooses to engage him, am I right?
  4. I think it would be in the staging area during the combat phase because the following points: 1.no engagement checks are made (it is already engaged with the first player) 2.My threath level is lower than 40. 3.it is like the case of The Balrog that is engage with the first player and attacks from the staging area. Indeed I have the same doubt about the Balrog.
  5. Thank you. I think I didn't explain myself, I understand that during the encounter phase he does not attack but I would like to know if during the combat phase he will attack from the staging area and if there is a way to get him out from there.
  6. Hi guys, Text: At the beginning of the encounter phase, Orc-chieftain engages the first player. If he is in the staging area at the beginning of the encounter phase does he attack from there all the rounds?, or could I get him out during the first step of the encounter phase?, even though we are already engaged. Regards
  7. Hi guys Do you discard They are coming! card before shuffle the discard pile into the encounter deck? Text: Doomed 2. When Revealed: Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until X enemies are discarded. Thanks
  8. Hi guys, The rules indicate that we have to use a heroe and the one ring from the fellowship sphere when we play saga scenarios in campaign mode but what happen if the scenario is not played in that mode, do we still need to use a hero and the one ring from the fellowship sphere? Regards
  9. Thank you guys, The question was thinking using Gandalf (Over Hill and Under Hill) , and the idea is to use Narya to ready him, it's just what I need. However using sword-thain is a good idea too.
  10. Hi guys, If I use Narya's action could I ready Gandalf plus 1 more ally? Regards
  11. You are right, I sometimes forget that rule and when a location indicates that an enemy needs to be added I resolve the when revealed effect.
  12. Thank you guys and I accept the gift of not having to reveal, lol
  13. Thank you guys, At the end I think that the intention of those effects is that The Balrog attacks twice the first turn he enters play. I think the order would be clear if the first forced effect doesn't mention "at the end of the quest phase", then it clearly would be first effect to be resolved.
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