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  1. Hi guys, I have in play Warden of Healing and 2 additional characters, both of them with 1 damage, I need to keep one of these characters with the damage, Could I choose to heal just one character even though there are two characters with damage? Regards,
  2. Hi, I don't have leadership heroes, can I use Oak - Wood Grove effect in order to use tokens from any sphere to take control of Grimbeorn The Old even though there is no resource match? Regards,
  3. Hi people, Two questions about Response: After defeating Stuart, you may choose and discard 1 "Sacked!" card from play. 1. Could I search in the discard and encounter decks for 1 Sacked! card? or does the text refer to Sacked! cards in play? 2. Is the discarded card put out of play or in the discard pile? Regards,
  4. Hi guys, Do you know if objective allies can be used on different scenarios?, example: Wilyador on Escape from Dol Guldur scenario. Thanks
  5. Hi, For the cases below should I include the 3 heroes in the random process to determine which hero will be the prisoner? Case1: During setup 1A, if one of the encounter cards is Caught in the Web a hero will have it attached when the "When Revealed" effect on side 1B comes up. Case2: During setup 1A, If one of the heroes is exhausted as a result of one of the encounter cards when the "When Revealed" effect on side 1B comes up there will be one hero exhausted. Thanks for your help.
  6. caribecards

    Elrond's Counsel doubt

    Thanks for the clarifications. I was reading the Partially fulfilling card effects topic and I found interesting the case below. If a treachery said "Exhaust all heroes in play. Then, deal each exhausted character 1 damage." You wouldn't think "Well, some of my heroes were already exhausted, so I could not fully resolve the effect. Guess I don't have to deal a damage!" In this case I would think that if I already have 1 or more exhausted heroes the second part of the treachery effect could't be applied, I'm not sure if I understood the idea of the example.
  7. caribecards

    Elrond's Counsel doubt

  8. Hi, I hope someone could help with the following doubt: If I only have 2 characters in play, 1 Noldor and Beorn (he is immune to player cards effects), Could I still play Elrond's Counsel card in order to reduce my threat by 3 even though I am not able to give another character +1 Willpower? Action: If you control a unique Noldor character, give another character +1 [Willpower] until the end of the phase and lower your threat by 3.
  9. Hi The following shadow effect says: Shadow: Choose and discard 1 attachment you control. Discarded objective cards are returned to the staging area. (If this attack is undefended, discard all attachments you control.) Is it correct to discard an attachment in my hand? , I don't understand if the effect refers exclusively to the attachments that have been already played. Regards,
  10. caribecards

    Attachments on an exhausted hero

    Thanks for the clarifications.
  11. Hi, I have a doubt regarding to attachments. If I have a hero exhausted and he has attached the Caught in a Web card, Could I play Unexpected Courage in the next turn on this hero even though he is exhausted? Regards,
  12. Hi I hope someone can help me with 2 questions: The East Bank:While The East Bank is the active location, ally cards cost 1 additional matching resource to play from hand. If I play a neutral ally with cost of 5, do I need to pay 6 resources for it? Saruman: Response: After Saruman enters play, choose a non-unique enemy or location in the staging area. While Saruman is in play, the chosen enemy or location is considered to be out of play. Could I activate the response any time during the turn?, or does it need to be activated immediately Saruman is played? In general I would like to know if "After" means immediately the card is played. Thanks for your help
  13. Hi, One quick question, can a guarded objective have more than 1 guard attached?, for example when the first guard card (an enemy) has a surge effect and this second card is another enemy. Regards,
  14. caribecards

    Locations out of play

  15. caribecards

    Locations out of play

    The Saruman card says: "Doomed 3. At the end of the round, discard Saruman from play.Response: After Saruman enters play, choose a non-unique enemy or location in the staging area. While Saruman is in play, the chosen enemy or location is considered to be out of play. " In this case if a location is considered to be out of play, could I travel to that location even though it's out of play? Regards,