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  1. I will be runnig SW Edge of the Empire at Total Escape Games in Broomfield Colorado on free RPG day. There are multiple sessions available please feel free to stop on by. first game starts at 1130am. I will be running till they kick us out at close. here is a link to their websitte. www.totalescapegames.com Jeff
  2. It took my group about 2-3 hours to go through the box set. Of course they are also a little blood thirsty at times too… then with the long arm of the huttt it was about two 3 hour sessions with that.
  3. This is how i would handle it . . . The starting group sets the obligation and we play from there. As new players are added and generating their characters they can't start with any Obligation. if they want an obligation they roleplay to get it and thus increasing the groups obligation. Yes they might start out with a little less options than the original players did, but when those players then bail your obligation resets.
  4. Lets not forget how WEG made humas more powerful than any other species in the galaxy. so in my book FFG already has one up on WEG. The species seem to be fairly balanced, thanx FFG. I myself am looking foreward to a Species Guide from FFG, and possibly a Starship Guide.
  5. you can also find the beta on amazon.com thats where i got mine.
  6. This is simple to answer. . . ALL OF THEM. The WEG stuff is so easy to translate over its rediculous. also there is some WEG suff in the old polyhedron magazines as well. They are small but usable.
  7. i have found that translating over from the old WEGs system is the easiest. pluss there are alot of adventures that you can use. Also some peolpe have put alot of their stuff out there already I have found lots of helpful things just by looking through links in peoples signiatures. THANX PEOPLE! Good luck and happy gaming.
  8. This is truely sad news. . . But, maybe this will give them a chance to make it up to us. Like with a little peak at the first supplement they have planned. Yep . . . Who am i kidding.
  9. As everyone else has said THANX. this will come in hady with my next game.
  10. If anything I think that it was a little underplayed in the movies just how much was controlled by the republic and the empire. Also as it is a delegate for the senate could actually be representing many star systems under their control. also not covered in the movies is the Tapani. which is a good chunk of the galaxy and was not under anyones control, the empire and the republic had no power there.
  11. You sir are a wonderful GM for bringing this to us. Thankyou. Great job. Thankyou.
  12. If you have the beta book there is a chart that you can use regular dice with. the chart tells you what would be in each number implacement on the coresponding die.
  13. don't forget this is FFG. Spring could mean anytime up unit gencon.
  14. Too bad the real world doesn't exist in approximates.
  15. ok so i forgot about the range bands but does anyone here translate this to a map or grid? If so, what are you using as a base for distances on the grid?
  16. ok so the group I have been running is use to using minis for combat. since we noticed a lack of a movement score we have been winging it. I have looked in the copy of the beta and everywhere I can but cannot find anything to reference this question. am I missing something? what has every one else been doing for this kind of situation. SavagePanda
  17. I have picked up the beginer game and a copy of the beta. It is worh having now if you do alot of gaming. We have already run through the beginner game and the long arm of the Hut. But as I read the forums it looks like there will only be one new book for the game a year. To me that keeps me playing past versions of the starwars RPG for quite a while until there are more books. I think two books a year would be good but llike that will happen.
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