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  1. I use tabs for each chapter for a quicker look-up.
  2. They addressed this in the last episode. The answer is "not gonna happen right now, no." -EF sorry i'm an episode behind
  3. Can you give an official answer to whether there will be a PDF of the core rule book or not. Many people have this question and it would just be simpler to have it officiated.
  4. huh thanks for the input KRKappel it helps a bit more.
  5. Although it can be played out as a chase scenario what I was looking for was a little different. what I am thinking is in the lines of rules and regulations for professional swoop bike races. Like what is and isn't allowed on the track. designs of tracks, and how many racers per race. That sort of stuff. If no one has done it yet I could probably put something together, but was wondering if anyone else had done anything with it yet?
  6. i would have to say it is ENDOR after the 2nd deathstar exploded and wiped its indigenous species out. Oh wait that was a dream.
  7. Has anybody ever thought about rules for competitive swoop bike racing? I have a player who wants a background as a swoop bike racer which i'm fine with but he would like to occasionally race as well.
  8. I am hoping they come out with a pack of Character sheets in tablet form. maybee including all three from the back of the book.
  9. Just got back from picking up my copy from my FLGS.
  10. Just talked to my FLGS and their order came in today but no SW EOTE.
  11. is this version a form fillable and if not can you make a version form fillable.
  12. yah when they reset this everyones avatar was wiped. had to reset mine too.
  13. Ok this one I really like but I wish it was 2 sided. there is a lot of information missing from this to make a complete character. GM chris made some like this that are two sided but they arn't even pdf's. I like the form fillable aspect as well.
  14. Common FFG, with the release of Edge of the Empire comming over the horizon, give us a PDF of the Character sheet.
  15. I just checked with my LGS and they have it as a July 2nd release in their database.
  16. As I am sitting here this morning with a restored strain threshold, I just want to say. . .. Thankyou all who showed up and played. It was a fun day. Having a chance to run the adventure twice was exciting. The first table had 6 people to start even though someone had to cut out early due to responsabilities. And the second game ran with 4 people. I am hoping you all had fun and that I did some justice to the system. My only problem was finding myself dehydrated at the end of the day. It has been a long time since I have run a free RPG day event, so I had some setback dice on myself as a gm. I am already looking forward to next years event. Thankyou Jeff (SavagePanda)
  17. Just wanted to say I love your podcast but i never llisten to it. I do have a question for you. upon reviewing the adventure you guys posted that was run at REAPER con. Do you have blank copies of the charactersheets you used and are they form fillable? AND . . . . . . . Thanx for all you guys do Jeff
  18. I am really looking forward to this saturday. Hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  19. They are not doing sign-ups this year, so just stop on by. I will be there when the store opens and will start as soon as I have enough players. I hope to run the adventure as much as possible.
  20. There is a rules section in the front of the adventure along with a dice conversion chart like what was in the beta. i am sure whoever is running it at your LGS would probably have either dice or the dice app.
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