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  1. I could see this heading in several directions. One idea is to place an old separatist droid ship in your game. Your players obligation could be to eventually turn it back on and deactivate the droid army that awaits their commands. Just one of several ideas popping in me head.
  2. Sorry but I don't know where to find them but the good news is that there is a beginners box out there for you.
  3. this is good info. also you might want to put in that current astrogation info is usually updated when you pay your docking fees. most star ports do this update when you are leaving port.
  4. I really agree with this idea. It tends to make more sense than to reward him for getting something cool.
  5. I have now run this adventure 4 times. Cant get enough of this game.
  6. Mines not faulty. on PAGE 192 if you look close you will see Carrie Fisher in the slave girl outfit. Honest.
  7. I don't think it's redundant. You get a good adventure. a really nice map set with pc and npc tokens. and on top of that DICE!
  8. Well Thank you I have liked what you have so far keep up the great work.
  9. Ok so we have gotten off topic. . . what the original question was is how to figure out how much encumbrance a star fighter takes up. say you have the wayfarer and you have altered it to have the hanger bay. The wayfarer has an encumbrance capacity of 850. So how much of that is going to be taken up by the star fighter? in the book you figure a persons encumbrance is their brawn+5. so would a star fighter be . . . silhouette + or x what number or would you take the star fighters encumbrance capacity + or x what number. . . IMO it should be minimum of x 10 to a max of x 100 . .. .what would you use to figure this out.
  10. Are you basing this on a weeks worth of time in hyperspace? if so then a week in the SW galaxy is preset to 5 days. other than that it is a great Idea.
  11. I can understand how you are easily distracted. that is one awesome squirrel.
  12. Mother-in-Laws. Shame on you for that one Lorne. Shame.
  13. Another hit out of the park Desslok, loving it. Now if it could get my players to use this.
  14. Also take into account that it's just not one shot. It's multiple shots from your gun while you are spending the time you have to fire your weapon as much as you can. At least that's how I see it.
  15. Yes i like this. Keep going I want more.
  16. Yet another good write-up. I really enjoyed this one Desslok. Printing this out for my players.
  17. Hmm I like this. It will be going in my GM binder since my group tends to really go off on tangents. Thank you very much.
  18. I was already considering brawl to include both hands. otherwise yes it would look stupid.
  19. I agree with this. What is your source. The book does not specify variants of the yt-1300.
  20. Then don't spend those advantages on crits. Only crit on a triumph.
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