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  1. Actually there are two stages to go thru. The kits had to be applied for first. Stores that applied are now waiting to find out if they are going to be hosting the event. Then kits can be ordered. SP
  2. This is sad. I have now been through every post on this forum. 108 pages in just over a week of looking for this. Still no luck. These starship cards came out about the time the original critical cards came out. One last plea for any help. SP
  3. that is some great stuff I like em. Sadly the ones i was looking for were not there.
  4. Love this stuff I hope they keep making more.
  5. Although that is kinda sweet it is not what i was looking for. The pdf I am looking for has 9 cards on one page. Easily to cut out ans past to a MTG card and slap in a sleeve.
  6. I am guessing nooen knows what I am talking about... huh oh well
  7. A while back someone had made some wonderful action and maneuver cards for starship combat. I had the pdf and lost it when my old computer went belly up. been looking for it for a while now with no luck. it is a one page sheet of 9 cards. does anyone remember this? and if so can you help? SP
  8. IMO you can easily still guide the players through without the rails it just takes a little more finesse. give a real threat. yes the Gamorians are really going to try and hurt them bad even try to kill them, but the bar tender of the cantina chases them off with a blaster if need be. . . all it takes is a solid shot from a disruptor pistol to send them scurrying(players too). and don't forget that not everyone can be trusted. have them ambushed by a group of children in the streets. make your skulduggery roll and the players could be missing things off their persons. Just take the basic plot and make a sandbox. I have had two players that went through the beginner box adventure prior to me running it and they were much more impressed with it as a sandbox than being railroaded. Makes for a happy player. SP
  9. Ok I finally found it. It was the sheets made by MRVander found here http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/87208-mrvanders-character-sheet-thread/ SP
  10. sorry no that is not the one. the gentleman that made them did like three different versions. SP
  11. no the ones I am looking for are a throwback to the old WEG character sheets. I probably should have specified better. SP
  12. So I have not been on here for a while. over a year in fact. anyways a while back someone posted some throwback character sheets. i have been looking for them again since i lost them when my computer went kupoot. I have not been successful. can anyone help? SP
  13. my only suggestion is to turn it into an app I can put on my Ipad. then I would me more than pleased with this wonderful program you have created. . . I would be dancing in the streets.
  14. After rereading the rule on minions it does not state a limit to how many can be in a group. I only say be reasonable. For me throwing more than 5 in a group is torture enough for my players.
  15. As it is there are many Star Wars podcasts out there. And I can honestly say I only listed to two. Can you make it Three. We shall see. . . . . . .
  16. GTM has this as a September release. Got mine pre-ordered with the LGS.
  17. This podcast is in my top five list of podcasts' to listen to.
  18. I remember seeing it somewhere. someone is, or was, planning on the conversion.
  19. Like this it makes perfect sense. Rule of Minions: as the TARGET of an attack, each minion is a special snowflake -- a unique person with his own hopes and dreams soon to be left splattered on the concrete behind him.
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