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  1. to me it sounds like this player is expecting your campaign to more like a game of PATHFINDER, "that's where the murder hobos like to live". In my opinion it comes down to every player to have some agency in the game, this includes the GM. maybee what needs to happen is a conversation with all the players at once. set you expectations and listen to what they want. If the shitfoolery continues you can always teach a lesson to the player by throwing the really tough stuff at him. I had this happen with a player he finally thru enough tantrums and quit the game.
  2. Love the work you have put into this. you have some lucky players. keep up the good work. you wouldn't happen to have an obsidian portal on your campaign would you? can always use the inspiration of a few more good GMs.
  3. ok so it has been a little over a year since I last ran a game. since then F&D has come out and I have a player that wants to play a Jedi. having no problem with this. What my question is an I know my player will bring it up. What are the rules for the color of your sabers. I have yet to find anything on this so if someone could help point me in the direction. If there is none I have no problem just making it up. Thanx in advance SP
  4. I have loved all of your installments in the grimm world so far. would like to hear you guys play some more in this dark world. SP
  5. According to the site it says you can buy it now. SP
  6. I sincerely wish you luck on this. I tried it with one of my groups and they turned into a bunch of murder hobos.
  7. yes thank you awayputurwpn that was the one i was looking for. Now if I could just find the starship combat cards i'm looking for.
  8. I am looking for the star ship record sheet from the EOTE beta.
  9. So does anybody have a copy of or know a link to the original pdf from the EOTE beta starship sheet. I lost mine and I have come to like the layout better than the current sheet. Any help is appreciated. SP
  10. you can usually find the art online by googling for the images.
  11. I ran rebellion day this last Saturday, We scheduled the event for two sessions. One at 11 am and the other at 4 pm. The first session we had two people show up it was a blast each player opted to play two characters and did very well, The game ran about just under 3 hours. Unfortunately we had no one show up for the second session. In a way I think that the ball was dropped a little on FFGs part due to the list of stores only coming out 5 days prior to the event. That and hearing some stores never got their kits and some getting them the day before. I believe a little more could have been done to advertise on their part. The store that hosted for me felt responsible for the lack of attendance but in reality it wasn't their fault. Also in my area that weekend was a large ANIME convention. A lot of the Local Gamers attend this. I also think that the time of year for the event was wrong. School just started back up and a good chunk of gamers are in high school and college, not having the time this early on in the school year. but thats just my opinion SP
  12. So , after reading Far Horizons I have come up with an idea on a character I want to play or have as an NPC. He would be an Arconan colonist/entertainer "shock boxer" with a salt addiction. I would be using Shock boxing as his form of entertainment as he travels to frontier towns to earn money. Or he could be stationed in a single town attracting others for the fights to put on shows. Background wise he could be ex-military. and his manager would be a Drall Quartermaster, a shady little guy who doubles as an infopchant. Advice or ideas to add?
  13. I will start it off TOTAL ESCAPE GAMES Broomfield Colorado http://www.totalescapegames.com As of right now they don't have it up on the event calendar but it should be there by end of tomorrow. there will be two games at 11:00am and 4:00pm
  14. As of yet there is no compiled list of stores holding Rebellion Day, and I think it is time we started one. you know since there isn't one yet. It is simple list your store like this Name City State or Geographical region and if possible a link to the stores website for further information and any other game related info. SP
  15. looks like my local game store got the kit. I will be talking with the manager tomorrow about running it.
  16. I know FFG in the original post said that there would be a list of stores holding the event released for everyone by the end of August. I don't think that's going to happen. SP
  17. Are we sure this is official. Many stores in my area have applied for this and noone has heard a thing.
  18. Also there were several published in Polyhedron magazine. Don't have a link but I am sure you can find them out there on the interwebs.
  19. I have sean that some people have developed some nice Character pages. How do you do that?
  20. The original post on the front page about Rebellion Day said that they would release a list of stores participating in late August.
  21. You could easily use a contact to get them jobs. Secretly that contact works for the rebellion, thus so are your PCs. As they are introduced to the rebellion this way they can make their decision to keep with the rebellion or go their own way. This is what I have done with my game group. SP
  22. I like what you have done here. I have been contemplating the use of obsidian portal, and have been wondering how to work the symbols. hope you don't mind a little borrowing. SP
  23. Looks like i will be picking these up. Nice addition to the game. SP
  24. Although your brain is working at minimum capacity due to caffeine deficiency, the fail safes have kicked in and you have it correct.
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