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  1. Just saw this ship and it has now made its way into my campaign.
  2. just purchase the Force Awakens beginner box set. It has one in it. same map as in the core books.
  3. yes for the first one it would be the ubese. the second one how about a zabrak that has shaved his horns all the way down.
  4. try a consular class cruiser or maybe even a gozanti
  5. I do believe the salon parlor for the consular has some separate stats. if i get a chance ill post them when i find my book
  6. Everything you need is on page 82 of the adventure. or if your looking for the Consular class cruiser you can find it in disciples of harmony page 62.
  7. how about an ancient vault that is many levels down like all the way down. it just happens to be directly underneath the jedi orders temple. locating it might require some research with the jedi themselves.
  8. To me this sounds like there is no respect for the GM / Player relationship.As a group they have violated this contract. I had this happen with an old group and in the end . . . . well lets just say it was best to move on to another gaming group. I recommend hitting the reset button.
  9. have you checked at the gamers haven in spokane. I bet bob has a group running over there.
  10. you need at least one droid or force user.
  11. i recommend running the adventure in the back of the core and then the one that comes with the gm screen. then maybe beyond the rim or mask of the pirate queen.
  12. if you have read "TARKIN" the interdictor prototype was about 10 years or less after episode 3.
  13. here is another for you. http://youtu.be/t8HwpKN-L1c
  14. thank you for the share. I enjoyed it much. must have more like it
  15. You could also use the "swrpg adventures of the week" from twitter as a basis for running an adventure league. I have been talking with my LGS about doing this, they are receptive its just a matter of what day of the week since I work nights it is hard to run it.
  16. I suggest listening to the "dice for brains" podcast. Excellent IMO.
  17. So if you have listened to the Dice for bains podcast, "which you should if you haven't", you should do a planet write up on Bava from the podcast.
  18. I made a Klatooinian soldier, he is tough as nails and I can spend lots of strain to do what I need.
  19. love it all. Looking forward to the inside of the citadel when you get one you like. also do you do commissions?
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