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  1. Would love to do this it sounds fun but as above weekdays are out. available Fridays and Saturdays.
  2. Does anyone know of any podcasts or ap podcasts for this game system? I know Fandible does a very decent AP of the game but on average it is only about once or twice a year and is usually a one-shot. and on another note is anybody interested in a podcast about this game system? SP
  3. from what i understand the shadow-of-the-cabal-podcast will be starting a new campaign with the new rules once they are out. they do a great job for a live play and are well worth listening to. it would be great to see someone come out with a full fledged podcast with rules and the what. lets hope for the best
  4. Shadow of the cabal is a good L5R podcast. they did a play test of the new rules and had a discussion on them. they also plan on using the new rules when they come out. either way they are a good listen. i highly recomend.
  5. Has anyone done up a character sheet for obsidian portal yet. If not is anyone willing to?
  6. Well . . . it looks pretty and i'm sure i'll buy it.
  7. thats pretty cool thanx. its nice to know someone else is out there still playing this game.
  8. Ok So first off joined late for the beta, better late than never... Q1: I am making a Kakita duelist and saw a few things that confused me. In the updates for the beta they changed a few things, replacing "crescent moon style" on the advancement chart to "Iaijutsu cut: horizontal blade", and splitting the Iaijutsu into two new Techniques.. both techniques have a prereq of skill rank 2 so how can one of these be on the rank one advancement chart? Am I just not understanding how to read the advancement charts or is there a mistake? Q2: am I correct to assume that as per page 44 that you have to not only purchase the technique but its activation and its opportunity activation's as well? Can anybody help me with understanding this?
  9. i would be interested but it depends on the day/night you run it
  10. I really like how you have the web browser addition of the star wars dice roller as well. I found it easier for me to keep track of initiative and my players and everything else going on. Are you going to have that available for the genesis system as well? Also have you thought about a roller for the L5R rpg also
  11. check out "Test of honor miniatures" from Warlord games . Great minis, and i think you can order them from thewarstore.com .
  12. I am hoping they don't cop out with one of the new species being clones. I just have a bad feeling about this.
  13. Was interested in playing this RPG but for some reason you can no longer purchase it from the store. Does anybody have an idea why? are they planning on reworking the game for the Genesys system? somebody help . . . .
  14. have you listened to the"Fandible Actuale Play Podcast"? They have done quite a few live plays of this game. quite good to listen to.
  15. ok i finally found the beast. i was a little off on the smaller ship but hey this is the beast.
  16. No much bigger and grey. The work is a lot like what fractalsponge puts out with his ships.
  17. like i said it is hard to describe. I guess I would say it is a lot bulkier. with a docking bay on it . could probably hold a squad of fighters. i would have to say it was an incomplete WIP. no starfield in the back just the two ships side by side.
  18. OK, so I am looking for a ship that I saw a few times on the boards. Not quite sure where but hey maybe someone else saw it also. To describe it is hard but here goes. basically it looks like a CR-90 on steroids, or imagin a CR-90 as being Bruce Banner and this ship is the CR-90's HULK? It actually has a CR-90 next to it in the picture. at first i thought it was one of the works done by fractalsponge but have had no luck locating it. Can anyone help me? Please?
  19. have you tried using obsidianportal to keep track of everything?
  20. you can also use Pinterest. it works great, I use it for my obsidian Portal account. have not had a problem yet. Buzz droid
  21. This is because Photo bucket wants to charge you for linking your stuff to other sites. It is bad enough that when you load your photobucket page you are bombarded with pop-ups and can hardly navigate the page, and it is too big of a chore to even log in anymore. On another note: Ruak has not posted anything for quite a while, he must just be busy with his work. I love the stuff he does as well as everyone else here and hope to see him post something new soon. Here is a link if you want to see the missing art in this thread. Ruak7's Photobucket
  22. if i wasn't already running two games i would do it for you guys.
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