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  1. Hi all I just purchased Tannhauser and all the expansion. I know I am a little late to the party but after playing the game once I was hooked and I pretty much just buy anything with a fantasy flight logo anyway…I am just curious about this games box contents and the differences between the newer printing and the older so I can figure out which core set I got. I know I have the correct revised rulebook, but I have read online that some copies of the game came with 6 dice and plastic baggies to hold the tokens. I also read some people have game boards that do not fold up but are instead just four seperate pieces. My copy came with only 2 measly doce( not that I care as I have tons of dice) no baggies and my board folds up. I am just curious what printing I have. Do I have the newest printing or one of the older ones. Which printing came with 6 dice baggies and 4 piece boards? Thanks!
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