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  1. Rowdy

    After Porkins

    Think I'll do that, Cheers
  2. Rowdy

    After Porkins

    Should have started your own thread maybe.....
  3. Rowdy

    After Porkins

    Hi all, if there are any multi Transport players with a spare Porkins and and the other pilots associated with the transport, cards, tokens etc, please PM me as I'm keen to part with coin for said bits. I'm not interested in Epic but seek to collect all fighters. Thanks
  4. This is why the Falcon has wheelchair access.
  5. Sigh, sadly only the transport and it will likely sit in a cabinet as I'm only interested in the X-Wing and pilot cards.
  6. Rowdy

    Factory Error

    I've posted this problem before, My B-Wing came 90 degrees left so I notified FFG and was promptly fobbed off. Apparently happy for me to glue or set it straight myself.
  7. Rowdy

    Wedge Speeder Card

    Understanding it is a space game however I feel this game is incomplete without the speeder so I threw together a few ideas and came up with this pilot card. Still no reason why some of these guys couldn't duke it out against a few TIEs. Although at 1:270 it would be a small model.
  8. I understand it may be one in a million but I purchased a B-Wing and when I assembled it was orientated to the right 90 degrees. I have checked and re checked the alignment pegs and yes they only fit one way, with the B-Wing forever flying sideways. Now I did get in touch with Customer Service with a lengthy explanation however was denied an appropriate action. Feeling a little deflated with this game. As good as it is, the service and supply is poor at best.
  9. When are we going to see Porkins?
  10. vyrago said: I really gotta jump in here. Ok…first off. Yes, there has been a supply shortage to meet the demand…but thats because this game has exceeded its demand expectations. I've spoken to many store owners and they all concur that nobody was prepared for the *sudden* popularity of this game. espescially in the last 6 months, its really exploded. FFG will respond and there will be wave 1 and 2 reprints coming. Jump in all you like, doesn't change the fact that supply is woeful. The game exceeded expectations when it launched, and they knew this. We've seen two waves with supply issues, why will three be any different? My money is on a constant catch up for all releases. As we wait, potential game players slip through the cracks.
  11. Wave 4? Hell, I'd be lucky to see Wave 1,2 or 3 ships. Supply is a joke. This is a great game let down in a large way buy the inability to cope with demand. I think for wave 4 they should concentrate on pilot cards and durable plastic tokens. Surely FFG could manage that.
  12. caedjar4 said: Thanks for the feedback so far! In response to Rowdy, I had the asteroids move independantly since that is what they did in the movie and the scenario was meant to replicate that experience. Understood, however if you are going to replicate the experience then it is a forgone conclusion that the ties are destroyed and the Falcon escapes. Since thats what happened in the movie. Looking forward to trying this scenario if and when my Falcon arrives.
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