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  1. That is especially poor story telling and GMing, but yeah. Something I consider as a houserule is to give Proven X depending on the proximity of the grenade in the blast. So at max range, no proven, 1 metre less than range, proven 2, 2 metres less, proven 3, and so on. So a weapon with a big blast, touching directly the character, would make generally a little more damage than when it its further away. And it would fits with Mijrai description of the 50% or not ratio of the damage it can make.
  2. Make this the "Space Marines Home World" Create the "Chapter" background And finally give them a role (Devastator, etc.)
  3. Keep on the good work man, what you do is cool and very detailed!
  4. Wendigo was thought as some sort of daemon, but a more horror oriented one that the "wanton destruction" of those we generally get. I like to see the Warp as an horrible and incomprehensible place and so my monsters from there tend to be horrible in the extreme.
  5. Like you know, anything else that exists and isn't good that kids know that exist. At this age, we all know that injustice, war and bad things exist. You just don't need to show her the great variations, you depict it more in black and white, with less grey area (and those that exist are quite clear and understandable), and you don't put too much details in the most violent aspect of the setting. Knowing that an enemy was dismembered by an other enemy is enough. Remember, in the end, that at this age, the kid will make his own images, so no need to be too precise, let him imagine.
  6. Many of those "primitive" weapons have a better penetration than many modern weapons...so yeah, it's allright.
  7. How does he use said force weapons? Remember that commissars aren't recruited from psyker stocks, and force weapons are useful in the hands of psykers. Otherwise, they are just "good" basic swords.
  8. Depends on how strong you want him to be and how "ancient" he is. For example, in my campaing, my acolytes are something like at 15 000xp. Their Inquisitor is way higher than that and I consider my acolytes as very competent agents but very far from the end of their career.
  9. Nice Work, Not read all of it, but for what I've seen thus far, it's done very nicely!
  10. Not sure about the logic of an autogun hitting at 2D10+3...way too strong. Otherwise, there is quite good stuff in all that you've written.
  11. Even lasguns could sometime overcome it, with luck. At maximum power, they hit at 1D10+5 pen 2, wichi is a total of 17 against 14. Not much, but doable, with right tactics and good rolls
  12. If you're the game master, then there is no problem. You must simply create scenarios and situations in which the players will be able to take control. That's it. I personnaly like very much the third option, which would be a campaign I would likely love to play!
  13. Depends on the context and so many other things. Like...creating a character with 14 000 xp would be quite likley to get a power armour at character creation. Or a special context of mission. Or a special backgournd that is quite legit and the rules even permit it anyways, so better of two worlds. In the end, it's not saying no or yest that is bad or not. It's why and how.
  14. I am, but have no artistic talent of the kind you need, sorry!
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