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  1. Hi. Just thought I'd chime in - about to buy a Netrunner starter set myself. I'm coming from a TCG background and have always been impressed with http://www.chaoscards.co.uk/ - they have an ebay store, too.
  2. I'm from Surrey/Hampshire in the UK. Let's get some games going fellow Brits!
  3. Thanks guys. It would be great if this game became popular enough to have tournaments etc in the UK. I'm new to FFG so let me know if there are any UK online communitys I should be checking out.
  4. Just wondering if there are any UK players out there? I live not far from The Games Shop in Aldershot, Hampshire – so that might be a good place to set up some games. Also happy to travel to London if that’s a more likely place to meet fellow players?
  5. I'm going to pick up a couple of these 9-pocket-page folders in blue and red a.k.a. light side and dark side. http://www.magicmadhouse.co.uk/accessories-c1132/folders-binders-c1135/ultra-pro-pro-binder-a4-red-p36622 I'll keep one set of each objective inside and then find a box for spare sets. I'm glad I have a place to talk about this kind of stuff, I'm obsessed with how I organise cards!
  6. Keggy said: I use the 9 card pages. With the back of one page and the front of the next, I can make 3 rows, with each row showcasing and entire objective set. Here's a picture to show you what I mean. http://imgur.com/pcFT5 That, sir, is genius! Definitely going to employ this technique when I get home. I guess the first side of the first page would be empty, but you could always use that for affiliation or promo/exclusive cards.
  7. Awesome video, very helpful, have watched a couple of times now. Love the slick card displays too, whoever puts these together must be very talented! I'd love to see more videos from you guys on the Star Wars LCG, perhaps FFG should sponsor you to create more
  8. I wondered this too, but the only folders I have found are either 4 or 9 pocket. Keeping mine sleeved in the box for now but think in the long run i'll end up getting 9 pocket pages.
  9. Did you pick yours up from The Games Shop in Aldershot? I just picked up the last box today. Hoping to meet local players to get some games going sometime in the new year!
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