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  1. I'm a little confused about buying ships. Do you treat that deck like all the others where you expose the top card and can buy to discard that? Does that mean I have to buy that top ship? What if the used ship card comes up? Since it's a special I guess there's no price and anyone can grab it if they want? Do I have to buy the next ship used then?
  2. I have two questions: The rules say that patrols can move through planets, malstroms and other partols but if the count works out can more than one patrol occupy the same space? If that happens and a player lands on that space and has negative reputation with both factions will they engage both patrols?
  3. Forgive me if this has been asked before. I searched and didn't find anything. So I just got the TFA core set but have also had the original core and a lot more. Should I combine the damage decks into one massive deck? It seems there is some damage cards that are not in the original.
  4. Aside from the Mac compatibility how is this different from OCTGN?
  5. I'm in Nashville but I know that doesn't help you.
  6. The pictures are blacked out and there is some weird code on there like BD-3: blah, blah so I have no idea what I'm up against.
  7. Is it possible to cheat on OCTGN? I just played with someone whose card were black so I had no idea what the cards or their abilities were and he kept flipping between two attack cards and dealt me 15 pts of damage on all my objs in one turn and just so fast I had no idea what he was doing. Has anyone else dealt with this? Doesn't make for a fun game.
  8. I'm on OCTGN right now if anyone is up for a game. christhom
  9. I'm around tonight too. Ah, I'm sad I missed this. I'll most likely be open Sunday from the afternoon til evening EDT.
  10. I have set up a Facebook group for anyone who would like to connect with others and play online via Skype, Google Hangouts, OCTGN or wherever. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWLCG.Online/
  11. Thank you for your patience in explaining this. I hope this will make me a better gamer as I try to get others in my area interested in this.
  12. OK, so here's the scenario from the other day just to make sure I understand this right. I was playing as the DS and I had "There is No Escape" & "Force Lightning" in my hand. During the LS conflict phase I could play either of these cards but I would have to have free resources (cost of the cards; 4 & 3 respectively) to do so. If all of my resources were spoken for I would not be able to play them but if I had a card that was 0 cost I could. Correct? Now, Backstabber (a unit card) has an action that says "During an engagement, play this unit from your hand as a participating unit on your side." Do I pay the 3 focus to do so? Again, I'm sorry if these are rudimentary questions. I'm still learning the game.
  13. So playing an action or reaction that is not already on the table (from your hand) costs the focus points that are on the card. Correct? I've heard some say that it does and others say that it doesn't.
  14. Ok, this may be an elementary question but its been a point of confusion since I'm new to the game. When your opponent plays a card and u have something in my researve that will work against it, I can play that straight from my reserve, right? Do I have to spend focus points to play that or not? If i dont have any reserve points available can i play it? That's been the biggest confusion so far.
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