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  1. Fantastic bot! Any chance you'd be willing to add the specialized dice for Imperial Assault? I'd be willing to get you the dice image, formatted like your current dice images...
  2. I'm picturing a bunch of Malaysian pirates sitting around designing their characters. Pirate 1: "I want to be an Arconan scoundrel smuggler!" Pirate 2: "So basically a salty space pirate. Way to stretch yourself Carl."
  3. This is great stuff, and actually highlights an issue I've been wondering how to tackle. Thanks for the link!
  4. So, my campaign is blending official published adventures with a much longer homebrew arc. During Beyond the Rim, the PCs discovered the Ebon Hawk- buried underground and untouched for centuries. Since then, a string of brutal murders have followed them on each planet they visit, leading up to their arrest by Lando Calrissian just after they completed the Jewel of Yavin. The next session(s) will be running an investigation to clear their names! Are there any WEG / D20 or Saga adventures that center around a murder investigation? I'd love to borrow some set pieces, characters, clues, etc.
  5. You might have to open it to submissions like so: "Enable Submissions in Your Tumblr Blog To enable submissions on your own Tumblr blog, log in to your dashboard, then click the gear icon to open your Account Settings menu. Click the name of the blog to edit in the left menu to open the blog’s Settings menu. Click the check box next to the “Let People Submit Posts” option in the Submissions section. Type optional submission guidelines in the Submission Guidelines box. Check the check box for each type of post to allow, then click the “Save” button. Users can now create and submit posts to your approval queue from your blog’s Submit page."
  6. I completely agree. Many "Character Concepts" are best realized through talents, not through abilities or skills. In my current game, I'm playing a Human Infiltrator / Force Sensitive Emergent. My character concept has been evolving, but at this point I'd say he is the "Really, really, really hard to hit talky guy." At character creation, I increased Brawn and Cunning to 3 and left the rest at 2. I could have spent more on abilities, but instead I picked up the Emergent spec and basic Sense power because they fit my character concept better. Two sessions in, I'm having a blast. I've upgraded Sense to the point that he rarely gets hit, and I'm working my way toward Dedication in Emergent so I can boost his Presence. Uncanny Senses and Sleight of Mind have added blue dice to Perception and Stealth, and Frenzied Attack has made him quite dangerous with a Force Pike. Talents are FUN and extremely valuable to character concept, and I say that having picked perhaps the LEAST efficient tree in terms of getting to Dedication. Infiltrator looks like a damned snake, and it will take me a long time to get to that second ability boost. But I can look forward to being even harder to hit with those ranks of Dodge and Defensive Stance, and to having a great strain threshold to boot!
  7. 1. If you click on "Show" next to your weapon, it'll show up on the front page of the character sheet with all of the modifiers applied to the dice pool, including upgrades, boosts, setbacks, advantages, and Force dice as applicable. Situational modifiers that only apply in certain conditions are not added, however. 2. Not sure what you mean here. If an attachment gives you a skill rank, you'll see it in the Skills pane under "Attach". 3. I'd have to change the way I do the sheets in order for that to happen. Right now, I just create a big bitmap. You could, possibly, print to a PDF, then run the PDF through an OCR processor, but I've never done that, so I'm not sure how it works or what software to use. Thanks for the answers. Some quick thoughts: Giving a way to show two or three versions of a weapon's dice pool would be a really nice add for the future! IE, one as normal, one with Sense: Control applied, another with both that and frenzied attack applied, etc. It wouldn't even have to read from the character's talents, it could just be a user defined pool. Sorry I wasn't clear. I'm using the Data Editor, and I cannot create a new attachment that has an innate skill mod. The program will not allow me to increment the skill or ability ranks using the arrow buttons, nor can I type in a value. Totally understood, thanks!
  8. As always, Ogg, this is an amazing release. Thank you so much for the tool and your constant efforts to make it better. Three quick things: Is there a way to display weapons with different talent or FP upgrades applied? IE, I have my Force Pike, and I'd love to show it when using Frenzied attack and when using the Sense: Control upgrade. I'm having some trouble with innate skills on attachments. Namely, I can't add them When I check a box and try to increment the rank or ability, I find that I cannot change it from 0. Thoughts on what might be going on here? I created a new data set and tried it in that with the same results. I love the new print option! Thanks much!!! Not sure if this is on the radar or not, but it would be awesome to print to PDF in such a way that it maintained the text as searchable. Again, all very minor quibbles in a consistently fantastic program!
  9. Thanks for the feedback, PatrickMahan and Josef. A few thoughts. Part of the issue with first person shooters like Dark Forces is that the player character tends to be a somewhat blank slate, to allow a variety of different play styles. Translating that into a real character can be hard, because of those different styles. I decided to run with that, making Kyle a highly flexible, highly mobile team member that can get around the map quickly. It's been a few months since I was able to play, so I'm a tad rusty on mechanics. Playing tonight should give me a better idea of some balancing on these. Still, I think you're right Josef that his stats are a bit high as they stand. I'm considering dropping his Health back down to 10. Force Manipulation - I like the idea to test insight, Josef. Good add! Force Jump should absolutely cost an action. I must have transcribed wrong from my notes! However, I'd like to understand why Patrick thinks it's game breaking. Draw line of sight means it doesn't work through doors, enemies, or anything else that blocks line of sight. When the Going gets tough - I like the suggestion to raise to Strain 4. We tend to inflict a lot of strain using extra movement points at my table. Perhaps others don't, or forget the rule, but hitting three is possible right off the bat for Kyle. Mow them Down - hadn't considered standing immediately next to someone. Perhaps the penalties on subsequent shots could be extra evades, blocks, or both for the target.
  10. And here are the class cards. I expect that I will come back and tweak a number of these after playing tomorrow night. 1xp The Right Tool – You may bring up to 3 weapons and 4 equipment to a mission. 1xp Cleansing Rest - When you perform a rest action, you may also remove one condition card from your figure. 2xp When the Going gets Tough – When you suffer 3 or more strain during one activation, exhaust this card to become focused. 2xp Scramble – 2 strain: Exhaust this card to become mobile until your next activation. 3xp Force Manipulation – Action, 2 strain: Interact with any token within 3 spaces. 3xp Mow them Down – 2 actions, 2 strain. Perform three ranged attacks. Apply the following to each attack. First attack: +1 Surge, -1 accuracy. Second attack: -2 accuracy. Third attack: -3 accuracy. 4xp Force Jump – 3 strain: Choose any unoccupied space to which you can draw line of sight. Exhaust this card to move your figure to that space. 4xp Deep Reserves – Apply +1 endurance to your character. You may spend up to two surges per attack to heal 1 strain each.
  11. So, after a long summer vacation, I am back with an update on the custom Dark Forces campaign I'm putting together. I've got the mission plan in place, but I'm still waiting for Twin Shadows to drop so I can use the tileset from that to make the maps. However, I'd love feedback on the other new hero. You may have already seen Jan Ors, now here is Kyle Katarn. Feedback welcome. Hero class cards will follow.
  12. ack. failed to put the correct title in. Mods, can you delete this?
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