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  1. I'd much rather you ship me your collection and burn a picture of it instead.
  2. Ravncat


    Correct, its the Hasbro NERF toy , I need to dirty it up , as its still a bit too clean and toylike, but the size is good and it fits well on the table.
  3. Ravncat


    You know I planned it.
  4. But can we deploy a f1.4d laser canon on the x-34 landspeeder and call it a day?
  5. Ravncat


    A group of rebels landed on a planet near an imperial bunker, attempting to sabotage the moisture vaporators that were essential to the empires underground excavation operations. The rebels deployed during a sandstorm and Leia leading a few groups of troops moved to secure the nearby vaporators and begin sabotage operations while Han and chewie took a walker and some wookies towards the vaporators south of the bunker. The imperials sent a counterforce along the north edge of the map to pin down leia and slowly wipe out her teams, while Vader exiting the bunker surprising the group of wookies who descended upon the exterior guards. Vader cut them down and destroyed the small walker enraging chewbacca... As the sandstorm lifted Veers initiated bombardment on the sentry gun the rebels setup while leia coordinated orbital bombardment on the troops pinning them down. The sniper teams battled eachother across the map - in the end, the Imperials were too tied down to effect repairs on the vaporators damaged by the sandstorm, while the rebels managed to detroy the ones they secured... Rebel Victory, 4-0
  6. I wouldn't be surprised, Black + red is a nice combo - and would compliment those red starvipers..
  7. In Japan? Katana Squadron logo and all? Then we met!
  8. There’s no forced movement, you can choose to just discard token
  9. decloak into a ship or obstacle, and you can fail to keep your cloak token... it's pretty good
  10. Thanks to Kei Taniguchi for doing an amazing job of installing lights into my ships - I can now play with photography! #nofilter
  11. I even geometry- 345 triangles are quite useful in many places...
  12. I agree that you must have mods, problem is that if you don't do the follow up barrel roll after the hard turn, fen's move probably rolls out of arc and hits you at range 1, Trading at range 1 is probably better than getting mauled at range 1 and trading the following turn. The x-wing absolutely has to rely on variance if its the last man standing - or , if its points are higher than fens, run.
  13. This is really dependent on the rest of the board and the health of the two ships. Lets assume both ships are undamaged and the only ships on the board, the decisions change a bit given health etc... I think you are looking moves based on your opponent... A - aggressive opponent, is likely to 2 left turn, flight assist bank, then s-foils barrel roll, to get the hard turnaround without stress Or pull a Tallon roll here (especially if FA is shut down because of other ships on the board) . You can pull a 2 left bank to clear the stress, and take a focus. This turn, you keep focus for defense and TL for the following turn, unless the focus gives you full hits. The following turn you are set to pull a 4-k behind the X-wing (Unless it didn't stress itself) and chase from a closer position, your range makes it hard to use flight assist except to disengage. If the X-wing saved its stress, it might K-turn here and lead you both into a head on stress recovery turn. B- Careful opponent (Opponent wants to re-engage safely), more likely to reveal a 4-k, giving lots of space. Dial in a 3 bank left, roll or boost should let you trade shots - Dont take the TL first, because you're not clearing it with the 3 bank left. You may lose range on your 2 left bank option, taking a TL may signify it. if you want to risk it, you can also 3 straight to clear TL stress then boost left and probably get a head on range 3 trade, where Autothrusters is your friend. C- Flighty opponent (opponent will probably disengage), maybe 3 tallon right, more likely 3 bank right and flight assist further away to engage later. Take the TL this turn and pull a 3 forward, you can maybe boost or barrel into range if it takes an escape route. For you - you have several good options, 2 speed left or 3 speed forward if you take the TL - 3 speed forward can turn into an escape from many of the x-wings turnarounds, or into a chase for many of the x-wings disengage moves. 2 speed bank likely moves you into a ranged position next turn. If you dont take the TL, 3 speed bank is likely your best option, you can get a good attack trade on any aggressive move - though you lose a shot but can keep pressure if the opponent does a right turn boost escape, with a follow up 1 right boost. Closing range is important in making Fenn work, as is not getting caught with no tokens in range two. I think given the multi-turn follow up, id prefer stressing for TL now, since you can deal with the follow ups. Next turn - you don't need a red move, in 2 turns, you'll likely need a hard turnaround of your own.
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