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  1. Let's get right to it … 1) If monster tokens are scouted and revealed to be blank, are they discarded? 2) If a moved-to location is perilous and contains a monster and/or a minion, is the game mechanic-y way of dealing with this (from the hero's perspective, if Sauron chooses to resolve peril) a) Resolve the peril b) Finish the turn there c) Remove influence during Saurons turn d) Ambush the monster/minion 3) It seems as though the heroes have limited capability to initiate combat in perilous locations occupied by monster/minions - if you move out of a location and back to it during the same turn, does Sauron have to choose something different the second time? 4) Are event cards that remain in play (e.g. the ones that move Sauron's markers) not discarded from the board until another such event is drawn? This isn't clear. 5) The text of many cards could use a comma to clarify choices. 6) Do exhausted combatants have a "printed offense/defense value of zero"? Thanks in advance!
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