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  1. So, the impersonator tradition from Emerald Empire lets a Kitsune turn into their true form or any natural animal of Silhouette 1-2. Does the Kitsune gain access to that form's abilities? If I change into a Boar, for instance, do I get its tusks and hide? What about its Fury ability? If I change into a bid ol' bird (yes I know as is there's no silhouette 1 bird, but....), can I fly and use its talons and Swoop ability? As an aside, the Kitsune example on pg. 211 says their natural form's teeth deals Damage 3, Deadliness 5. Kitsune from the Beginner's Game are much different, seeming to just use the Bite unarmed profile but adding Razor-Edged. I figure their natural form is Silhouette 1 even though the Tradition says nothing about this, but how do we rule their fox teeth? Say forget it and just use the Bite profile from the core rules? Me thinks Emerald Empire needs a FAQ spot.
  2. Actually the Krayt Fang is a stock YT-1300 with two attachments: a High Ion Thruster and Smuggling Compartments. I easily converted that puppy when they stole it.
  3. I've learned that uttering the words "This is NOT a Dark Side campaign!!!!!!" is merely a suggestion rather than an ultimatum.... *reminded that one of his players is keeping the pickled lekku of the last twi'lek that stole from him... oh and was a pc character too....*
  4. huh good idea. ill have to look at this.
  5. laser sites are for non-gunnery weapons only. sides, yes i'd like it to do more. when the wookie's bowcaster does 14 damage, pierce 2, autofire, and knockdown..... yeah i'd kinda want my minigun to be a bit more beefy.
  6. Soo...... i have a Heavy hired gun running around with the so beautiful sidewinder minigun (mostly for aesthetics, but it still is a pretty deadly gun). one thing im running into tho is even though the beast has 4 hard points, there seems to be no mods that are good for it, or let alone will work. most are for rifles (which its not) or Ranged (heavy) weapons (its a gunnery weapon). pretty much all it can take is a scope, a weapon harness, and superior customization. Thats it. Unless im missing something? would really like to see if there's any mods out there that will work with my gunner-from-hell out there.
  7. I'm just going off the previews, and this might have been changed before the launch, but Lowhricks Vibro-Axe has a Crit of 3, but latest Beta has all vibro weapons at 2. Was this chanced with the release? Or did they go back to giving all vibro weapons Crit 3 again?
  8. Ok, I do like how much they nerfed the 'sabers, while making them insanely damaging instruments fo cutting-off-arms loveliness. One thing that DOES concern me, and probably is far too premature considering Force and Destiny isn't slated for another 2 years, is that lightsabers are unmoddable. Even not counting TOR, KOTOR, Saga, etc, UE has different modded lightsabers. different hilts and crystals and junk. Yeah, I know, we're years before the actual Jedi stuff, but the books are spose to be combined, so if lightsabers 2 years later get hardpoints, the last two core books are now invalid due to wrong stats. Just wondering if anyone else had these considerations?
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