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  1. Thanks! Owenator said: Pretty cool. How'd you make the asteroids? I use plasticcard and GW-flightstands for the bases. The magnetic solution is a combination of grommets and greenstuff. The asteroids are made of aluminum foil balls, which are (de)formed by different tools. After that a mixture of wood glue, sand & water finished the asteroids. Look here for an older WIP picture… (at this time without magnet). Sorry, my English is very bad
  2. This is my new 3D magnet-asteroid field. Comments + Criticism are welcome
  3. Hi. My Z-95 Conversion is WIP, but practically finished. It based on the MicroMachines toy, a X-Wing-Miniature, green stuff, wire and bitz. More pictures @ Heidelberger Spielverlag X-Wing Forum
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