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  1. The following enhancements to the app/site would help greatly for using it to facilitate trading. 1) allow users to generate a private link that can be given out so people can see what decks you own. 2) allow users to flag decks they have scanned into their collection as for trade
  2. i was reading the target lock action and in detail and noticed this bit "A ship can maintain only one lock. If a locking ship already has a lock, before the chosen object would be assigned a lock token, the ship’s former lock token is removed." if you already have one lock and you perform the the target lock action while having r3 do you need to remove the existing lock? Does r3 increasing your limit 2 allow you to ignore this?
  3. So any recourse for if a card gets lost or damaged? is the entire deck just bricked at that point? would probably make me quit the game if i lost i deck i like to this.
  4. Hello. i am a long time magic player converting to aGoT. i am a big fan of midrange decks in magic and was wondering if a similar deck type exists in AGoT. if not what are the standard deck types in aGoT? What houses are best suited to each deck type?
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