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  1. After pathfinder, Legendary Encounters and sentinels of the multiverse this will be another fun and interesting alternative / break from lotr lcg for me. Like all other co-op card games out there i don't expect it to come even close to lotr lcg tho. P.S. sry for my english
  2. NO ! When the mob says that a hero is broken and another is useless you have to follow the mob !!! P.S. I totally agree with you Mr.
  3. If we are talking true mono-sphere (all the cards of the chosen sphere and neutral only), Spirit by far. If we are talking Hero mono-sphere, we all know that with lore you can build some "broken" and disgusting decks
  4. It is true that tactics remains the "weaker" choice for solo play but in it's defense i like to say that one of the main characteristics that has raise the difficulty of the game is the fact that combat has become more deadly, so in a 2+ players game it has a very strong part to play. Now back on the topic, 2 more things that i love about monochromatic decks is that you can make changes on the fly and that you can use effectively cards that you ("i") never used in a multicolor deck.
  5. Recently i decided to give up on my , dwarf, outlands, silvan and all the others power decks and i tried to build 4 monochromatic (single sphere) decks and i was pleasantly surprised with the amount of options and the overall effectiveness of this type of decks. This was my second try, my first was many months ago and i remember it not to be a very good option (to be honest not an option at all) as i was struggling to find cards to reach the 50 cards limit. Have you try to build a monochromatic deck recently ? What's your overall thoughts and experiences on that matter ?
  6. The popularity of the game is going strong thats the truth, but the same think applied to AGOT with even bigger hipe and sales and guess what... All i'm trying to say that this is not the only criterion for FFG.
  7. We have one cycle and 3 more sagas coming for sure, the truth is that after this the future of our favorite game is uncertain. My guess is one more cycle for sure. Ofc the fact that FFG didn't include lotr lcg in the "new" rotation format shows that they are not expecting/planing to expand the player cards pool for too long (no mater the nature of a card game an ever expanding card pool is sure to cause some huge problems). Any how i'm ok and i'm actually waiting for the (epic i hope) conclusion of the game (i don't believe that there will be another MAGIC ever) and that will not stop me from playing and having a great time, with this great game, for many years to come. P.S. As always sry for my bad english
  8. LOTR lcg is a game that can be played from 1 to 4 players, so i think that is natural to be a little "clanky" if you take one of the two extremes. To elaborate a little more, if you play a 1 or a 4 player game there are many quests that get, to easy, to hard, to random or just to boring, there are also many player deck options and possibilities that goes off in a single player game (and that is one of the main characteristics that makes LOTR stand out from many other card games). As i had said many times before i believe that LOTR is an excellent 2 player game and i strongly believe that 2 players (hands) is the sweet spot of the game for so many reasons. P.S. sry for my bad english
  9. I own every LOTR, many call of cthulhu and a bunch of others playmats and i almost never use them, i don't know why i just feel that it "restricts / limits" me in a way, but this is just me.
  10. To answer your question in a straight and single way, you need 3 x core and 1 of each expansion (Ap, Deluxe and Saga) to have the maximum copies that you can use of each card (and some more ). My advice, if you have a limited budget get some expansions instead of a second or third core, then when you are up to date go for it (that second or even third core) P.S. Welcome to this wonderful game you will have a blast ! P.S.2. Sry for my bad english.
  11. AV - Eowyn AW - Beregond AX - Galadriel AY - Aragorn
  12. X- Nori : While many people like to "cry" about Dain and use Legolas to wipe the table and make a tone of progress (no mater battle, siege or normal questing) i'm just a humble dwarf guy Y- Eowyn: a straightforward hero with a cool ability, what's not to love? Z- Boromir (L): Gondor "Dain+" AA- Aragorn (L): I like Frodo a lot but i can't play all quests with him (saga) AB- Thalin: 1 Elrond ally is so cool. 2 Elrond hero with, vilya, gandalf, stargazer = bananas and 0 fun. 3 Thalin is a Dwarf AC- Boromir (T): One man army. AD- Beregond: Defend ? hahahaha AE- Bifur: resource manipulation ? solved! AF- Sam: I just flipped a coin for this one, soooo hard AG- Mery: If you like this game you are o LOTR fun, so you will love to have your epic Gandalf moment, and you have to be a bad person to deny this from others. AH- Haldir: ... AI- Beorn: Soooo hard but i love this so unique bear. AJ- Glorgindel (s): ... AK- Gimli: The old fashioned killer never gets old AL- Aragorn (L): Threat prob? nop! AM- Dain Ironfoot: King ! Not OP not broken, an absolute beast, like many other heroes. A King with his army MUST! feel exactly like this, the designers do a very nice job ignoring all the mumbling.
  13. I'm a huge Dwarf fan (in general) but i'll try to be as objective as possible. A-Nori B- Bard the Bowman C- Eowyn D-Thorin Oakensield E- Frodo Baggins F- Ori G- Boromir H- Balin I- Glorfindel (lo) J- Denethor K- Bifur L- Pippin M- Merry N- Bombur O- Haldir of Lorien P- Galadriel Q- Beorn R- Mablung S- Oin T- Gimli U- Grima V- Dain Ironfoot W- Mirlonde
  14. I think that Dain, Spiritfindel,and Hirluin are just the heroes that some players love to hate. If you believe that other heroes (like Beregond, Legolas, Beravor, Boromir, Dunhere, Sam and even Denethor just to name a few) are not as powerful and even more in some certain circumstances you are probably playing another game. Just search a little and you will see that the most crazy deck's out there are without any of the "hated" trio
  15. Easiest Quests: 1) Passage Through Mirkwwod 2) Hills of Emyn Muil 3) The long Dark Hardest: 1) The Battle of Laketown 2) The Massing at Osgiliath 3) Siege of Cair Andros Hardest Nightmares: 1) Escape from Dol Guldur 2) Conflict at the Carrock Solved Quests: 1) A Journey to Rhosgobel (heal) 2) The Wacher in the Water (beorn) 3) The Morgul Vale (direct damage) 4) Flies and Spiders (beorn)
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