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  1. I have (naturally) also made the transparent TL's in red
  2. I have just had these made at a local fablab using their laser cutter: Will make these on Thursday: They will be cut/rastered on black acrylic and are meant to ce colored in with paint to complete them: Please notice that Darth Vader gets his very own set
  3. Just made these beauties on a laser cutter at a local fablab. I hope you will find them pleasing
  4. Wait, so if ◆Luke Skywalker is captured by the S&V, the LS could play another ◆Luke Skywalker unit? And Luke could theoretically rescue himself? (Even though he obviously couldn't then play the 2nd Luke card outside of an edge battle or sacrifice) That is correct unless Ysanne Isard blocks that move
  5. Other than printed limits for the actual capture (ie. "Limit once per turn" there are no restrictions on how many captured cards any given objective or unit card can have placed. I once gained a Reserve Value of 11 via capturing cards at an objective
  6. Had a it higher hopes for the DS dial, still crave it though
  7. 1) it just get into play, not participating 2) I'd say yes. This is based on the latest semi official answer from FFG in regards to "Stay on Target": SoT limits the option since it says "...put into play as an enhancement", but he goes on to write the following: " Other effects that put units into play that do not have such “as an…” phrasing that dictates the manner in which the card enters play, however, can still interact with the pilot (X) rules. For example, the Millennium Falcon(0332) says “…put a Character or Droid unit into play from your hand.” In this case, if you put a Character unit with the pilot (X) keyword into play using the Millennium Falcon’s text, you would have the choice of whether that unit enters play as a unit or as a Pilot enhancement. This is because the Falcon does not dictate the manner in which the card must enter play, only the conditions it must meet in order to be chosen to put into play. So yes to#2 IMO
  8. You may use it in 1v1 but then you can only target one (of your own) officers
  9. Have never had much luck playing Scum, but after having looked at the cards from Rogue Squadron I decided to give it a try, since I found a lot of the new shenanigans intriguing. I don't have my deck list handy ATM but I had the #Masterful Manipulations", "Hunters Flight", "The Hunters" and others in my deck, but currently I only had "Hunters Flight" out and 2 x 1 resource objectives on the board. I had played Smoova, some Black Sun Headhunters and Boushh earlier so they were all in my discard pile. On my opponents turn, with the dial at 10 I played "Payout" to free up the resources on "Hunters Flight", so when it was my turn the dial clicked to 11 and I drew a new hand, and finally it happened!!! "Show of Force" was there, I had the resources needed and a lot of Black Sun units in my discard pile. So first Boushh was fielded followed by a couple of Headhunters and then Smoova: Smoova captured a Speeder Bike that didn't fly under Jedi colors which triggered Boushh's ability and the dialed clicked to 12 before the new gang had the chance to go amok on the already damaged 3rd LS objective I needed to destroy
  10. Welcome, padawan. There Are a lot of things to keep track of, and besides the (obvious) advice to read through the rule book I can recommend that you also take a look at the FFG YouTube tutorial videos. Hope that you will enjoy the game. It's a lot of fun
  11. False, as established in the Chewbacca/OBS ruling. "Funny", because I read the ruling differently: FAQ page 11: If, during an engagement, I have Chewbacca with 2 damage on him and an Old Ben’s Spirit attached and he takes 3 damage, how much damage does Chewbacca deal with his Reaction? From the rulebook on page 21, damage in excess of a card’s damage capacity is ignored. When Chewbacca takes 3 damage, only 1 of it actually is dealt to him. The Interrupt from Old Ben’s Spirit keeps Chewbacca alive and removes all damage tokens from him, but he was still dealt 1 damage, so he can deal 2 damage with his Reaction. The way I read this is that Qu Rahn/Chewie with OBS will be dealt damage up to (but not beyond) their damage capacity. OBS saves them from being destroyed But still makes them able to react with their respective "Reaction" However the Plan of the Prophetess / Deadly Sight combo mentioned above won't trigger Wu Rahns ability (he is destroyed, not dealt damage) but he could be saved by OBS
  12. Yes And If you also have a "Reassignment" in hand and Keyan on Blue Nine while attacking with Blue Nine and 2 other fighters/vehicles you could even move Keyan to another vehicle after Blue Nine have focused to strike which clears the Focus on Keyan, then reassign him and focus him to strike again before finally striking with the 3rd vehicle (if you've won the Edge)
  13. No, you can't "pay" a cost with/on units you do not control
  14. In a draw the current holder wins. So there's always a winner: From the FAQ, page 6: 4.7) “Winning” a Force Struggle A player is considered to have won a Force struggle when it resolves with a result that moves or maintains the Balance of the Force to that player’s side.
  15. True, it was a risky "investment plan" indeed. But he was the only eligible target for the enhancement until Yoda came out on board. He sort of worked out like a Ponzi scheme
  16. Keyan is going for a ride on a speeder bike later today hopefully ;-)
  17. Found the answer in the FAQ pdf: When "Trench Run" (Core 0150) is in play, which effects can and cannot interact with the Death Star dial as an objective? Because the Death Star dial is explicitly not an objective, card effects that interact with objectives do not interact with the Death Star dial. When engaged as an objective, the Death Star dial may be damaged by framework effects only (see “(4.4) Framework Effects” on page 5). This is limited to * (blast) damage and unopposed damage.
  18. Have this been FAQ'ed? Trench Run text says: "...You may engage the Death Star dial as though it were a dark side objective (it is not an objective)." www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/starwars/star-wars-card-spoilers/_/core/trench-run-core-13-4
  19. May many Soontir Fels feast in Valhalla before the day is over! No Imperials made it to the final, but many Fels (and most likely a few Bothans too) died in the battles on the way to the final
  20. We just had 39 players sweating bullets in the Danish summer heat for our 2nd Regionals. 4-6 players drawn in from Sweden even. And the upcoming Nordic Championship will most likely break 100 participants for the two day tournament. So very much alive
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