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  1. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/915146/math-wing-hit-probabilities
  2. Will do more washes later, but here's how it's looking now: image free hosting
  3. Ha ha, no worries. I am no ace, and your point is valid. It can't really be seen on the photo but it isn't totally black, the flash sort of obscures the gunmetal drybrushing. But I agree that it looks "off" compared to the rest of the repaint and I'll likely try your method/tip. Cheers
  4. Forensic Pathologist (autopsies, crime scenes and that stuff). I lured one of the autopsy techs and a fellow pathologist into the game, spreading the joy
  5. The Crits in the new/upcoming Damage Deck will have almost no permanent Critical effects
  6. My first attempt at the Nashtah Pup. I'm quite happy with the result
  7. Final result. Might do minor touch ups later
  8. Thx for the words. Was surprisingly easier than I had thought it would be (thx to XV88 Citadel base, some wash and a steady hand)
  9. One of the YV-666's will be bring the puppy to the game soon.
  10. I have yet to pick up my Wave 7 stuff so I can try and fly this squad and see how it'll perform: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/302336/ride-the-thrain
  11. I've made this squad: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/302336/ride-the-thrain Now the loooong wait until tomorrow after work when I'll be picking up my Wave 7 goodies....
  12. Brilliant! I built one that did this split with a lot of token storage. Yours is better. :-) Thx. I used to have it all in a BattleFoam insert but with Wave 6 I had run out of space. I had already made the small divider pieces (each have the ship type printed as a semi transparent background image and then the named and generic pilot names on each divider) so I just updated that file and did the same for dial types. I will most likely put the tray in my book cabinet and then simply pick those I need and thereby free up space in my BattleFoam 432 PACK for the many new ships pouring out these days
  13. I've built a foam board drawer that fits my BattleFoam PACK:
  14. The tokens are custom made with a laser cutter machine and weren't part of the prizes
  15. Finished 3rd (16 players total) which was way better than I expected. Won my quarterfinal game with 8.55 points vs. 8 points against my good friend before I was eliminated. (The coin is from the 2013 Regional kit. Didn't win that one but managed to get my hands on it)
  16. I promise I will look into making them commercially available
  17. Yup. And they will be made on full black acrylic and painted:
  18. Both are indeed TLs, made two designs in order to cater for both Rebel and Imperial players, doesn't make too much sense to have a TIE-Advanced TL tracing down the exhaust port in the Trench, right? And some prefer numbers over letters.....
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