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  1. Not sure what MWYHL is, but the latest FAQ and Restricted list I know of is this: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/72/cd/72cdabae-957d-4279-89e1-9ba28faa8eea/swc_faq_eng_v31.pdf Restricted list on page 3
  2. It wasn't cheap ($120) but WAAAAYYY cheaper than this:http://tinyurl.com/nmqkcs6
  3. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/07/92/079258d7-fa36-4af5-8d61-0f4f40dc7a37/rulesheet-balance-of-the-force.pdf It's a way to have 1 v 2 or 1 v 3 games using 2 kinds of challenge deck: one where a LS player has to keep Luke hidden until the DS players run out of cards and one where a DS player takes on the task of "building" the Death Star (2.0, I think) while 2-3 LS players try to keep this from happening
  4. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/07/92/079258d7-fa36-4af5-8d61-0f4f40dc7a37/rulesheet-balance-of-the-force.pdf
  5. Dumping your hand in an Edge Battle can sometimes be necessary or even good if you REALLY need a new hand or certain cards. But as with everything else it's a double edged sword
  6. 1: Unless it says "Focus this objective to [X]" then the effect is ready/available. So for instance "Defense of Yavin 4" will always give you the effect to reduce cost of vehicle by discarding cards from your hand 2: You don't need a Force User or Sensitive, but having Vader doing it is just better. You may even have him choke one of your own characters/creatures if you wish 3: From the Rulebook page 12: . Draw Phase At the start of the draw phase, the active player may choose one card in his hand and discard it. After he has discarded a card, or chosen not to, the active player must return his hand to a number of cards equal to his current reserve value, drawing from his deck or choosing and discarding from his hand as necessary. At the start of the game, each player’s reserve value is six, though card effects may increase or decrease this value. Example: The active player has eight cards in hand at the start of his draw phase. He must choose and discard two cards to return his hand size to his reserve value of six.
  7. Hi there. Going all in is always a bit of an issue when you're the attacking player since, as you experienced, it will often lay you wide open after your turn is done. So you did play it right since you're not refreshing on your opponent's turn. Unless your objectives or other enhancements grants you the opportunity to draw new cards your hand will be empty after having ditched everything into the edge battles. So basically what it boils down to is that you must sometimes choose your battles with care and make sure that you're ready and prepared when your opponent starts attacking. Hope that this was helpful. Cheers
  8. I can't/won't address the first part atm, but I can speak a little on the last part (10+ obj sets): I often find myself having troubles limiting my decks to 10 obj sets, but thats partly because I am not a very experienced deck builder (SW LCG is my first game of this kind) and partly because I just like to see certain main characters in play, rather than having a solid/consistent deck. It sometimes backfires, but when it succeeds it's a ton of fun. A point of view is that when you put more than the mandatory 10 objectives in your deck you start to "dilute" the deck and the chance of getting the card you need is reduced gradually. However, I find that with the card pool having reach a comfortable size for all the affiliations this is less of an issue than previously. I mainly run mono affiliation decks, so I do not have the "problem" with resource matching that can become a problem in a mixed deck. If you mix affiliations i think that a 3-7 spilt is that maximum mix you should do (3 of the affiliation you are running and 7 of another affiliation) but with that mix you can sometimes have a very bad objective flip that constricts your options of playing units. Of course you can try to have a "Plan B" by ensuring to have some resource enhancements in your deck. Cheers
  9. Had some more fun with the models and my Foldio chromakey app. image post
  10. My small litter of Puppies. Was requested to do one for a good friend:
  11. The last Nuln Oil wash is still wet
  12. My second Puppy (a favor for a good friend): image url
  13. Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. Founded what I thought would just be a small group of maybe 15-20 players (Copenhagen X-Wings). Today's member count: 288 people with varying gaming activity. We have a lot of support from the LGS allowing us to have two weekly game nights on Mondays and Wednesdays. And recently one of our members (and a couple of helpers) made the 2015 Nordic Championships a reality (for X-Wing, Star Wars LCG, Imperial Assault, Armada, Netrunner and A Game of Thrones LCG). X-Wing had 92 players from 7-8 countries. So we have come a long way from what was sparked in January 2013 (the Kessel Run pre-release)
  14. Final result. Did a little more red details behind the cockpit and on the front of the wings, and added a bit of rust on the rear. Enjoy!! images hosting
  15. As mentioned: http://www.creas.com/produkter/tasker-opbevaring-og-emballage/mapper-tasker-album-roer-mv/tegningsroer/spectra-tegningsroer.aspx I have one with 12 diameter which fits 6-8 regular mats or my two FFG mats and my GripMat
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