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  1. Nice idea Do tournaments have a turn timer? I've never played in one. I think there's a 55 minute game time? Until FFG works out all the bugs of their TOME tourney/scoring software (not looking like it'll happen any day soon) most people are using the Cryodex. It works for Armada/X-Wing/IA and tracks pairings, seeding, scoring etc. it also has a round timer. Sometimes I prefer the online countdown timer but still really wants to see a proper Yavin countdown. Either the DS view or the Rebel base version
  2. I really like your app!I use paper and pencil to keep score. I like it too. Clean/sleek. Maybe it could have a countdown timer?? Yavin style?
  3. Strictly speaking it's "just" the command cards (in tournaments) which HAS to be sleeved as per the tourney rules:Deployment and Mission cards must remain unaltered, though they may be sleeved for protection. Command cards must be sleeved, and their sleeves must be identical and unaltered. I prefer to have/keep all my cards sleeved but that's a personal preference. Since you are shuffling the command decks (like the Damage Decks in X-Wing/Armada) it makes good sense to protect them from wear and tear. The rest is just for your own sake
  4. This could work okay. Even has a timer running: Scorer efter Shirox https://appsto.re/dk/aqIiA.i
  5. I like the look and clean finish. A suggestion: after having seen one of my friend's take on Snowies I did the same myself: instead of doing everything (helmets and clothing and backpack) all white I have also gone for making the clothing (cape and pants) a slight pale greenish sand color. And the backpacks will be part grey especially on the backplate. This might not be completely canonical (though some images suggest it would be "okay") but it does look good on the maps and gives the figures more characteristics for the eyes. Even the 501st Snowtroopers aren't completely white-white: http://databank.501st.com/mw501/images/e/e2/TS_full.jpg
  6. Others have already tried to direct your attention to the section on page 3 in the RRG: There is no doubt IMO that Urgency and as another example Leia's Battlefield Command are both examples of Special Actions that gives you Movement Poi Y's which MUST be spent immediately during that action as stated in the section above
  7. Yeah I know. Might redo him at some point. Possibly the slightly less scary pose is why he has been nerfed to 4,5 Force icons during the Photoshopping;-)
  8. Check the back of the boxes, there's a color code and the number of said sleeves you'll need. For IA it's the FFG Green and Yellow sleeves Same info available from the product pages: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-imperial-assault/products/star-wars-imperial-assault-core-set/
  9. Check the back of the boxes, there's a color code and the number of said sleeves you'll need. For IA it's the FFG Green and Yellow sleeves
  10. People should maybe learn to speed up and accept not being able to make every move/decision optimal? I'd personally die slowly if a 55 min game was/is "expected" to only consist of 2-3 rounds
  11. You only get "an extra" activation token if you're less than 4 players: So if you're only 3 then one Hero gets an extra activation token "- In a three hero game, Rebel players choose one hero to claim a second activation token at the end of each round." But besides that then nothing prevents it from happening as you described
  12. But it is typically the case. You can't move into LoS, attack to stun and then move out of LoS with one activation (not without help, at least). And if it isn't the case when the figure gets stunned, just wait to activate him until it IS the case. In scenarios where VPs from objectives aren't a big deal the enemy is going to want to hammer your big scary stunned guy, cause otherwise he can't win, or in scenarios where the objectives ARE important the big scary stunned guy is probably near the objectives and the enemy has to approach anyway. NM, it is nice/good if Stun isn't a big deal in your meta
  13. Check these that someone else have made. Likely with less errors ;-)
  14. The Rules Reference simply says that you remove all Damage Tokens and Strain excess of the new Endurance value (on the wounded side), it doesn't say anything about removing conditions
  15. Based on the movement example on page 27 in RRG if say yes. The lower green N closest to the original Nexu spot is just 3 spaces away and empty (corresponding to space "11" in the example) and the example shows and explains the the Nexu pounce allows you to place the model relative to that space while containing it "When a large figure is placed, either by deployment or an ability such as “Pounce,” locate a space (11) indicated by deployment or the ability. One space of the large figure's base is placed in the located space, and the remainder of its base may be placed in any orientation relative to that space (12), following placement rules (such as not placing in spaces containing do figures)."
  16. In your examples you've "loaded" the situations so heavily. So in those examples (melee guy in range and ranged guy with LoS) conditions like Stun would have very little effect. But that's not (or should not) always be the case and certainly will not be the case when playing against a more experienced player who knows the strengths of his units with stun effects. He/she will 9/10 move in, attack and hopefully do a Stun, and then move out of range/LoS which basically will leave the Stunned unit very vulnerable and certainly very less useful for your plan. And as mentioned by DerBaer it can be even more devastating on your named/unique units like leaders and such
  17. I thought that you can trace line of sight through the figure you are targeting. If you have clear line of sight to the front of the figure you can also trace line of sight through the front of the figure to a space on the back side of the figure and then avoid the Sentinel effect. Yup: • When a large figure attacks, line of sight may be traced from any of the spaces it occupies. When a large figure is targeted by an attack, the figure performing the attack must target one of the spaces the large figure occupies.
  18. Indeed. Hopefully you would be able to target a non-adjacent space on the AT-ST, the Guardians are only able to use the Protector when the targeted space is adjacent to the guardian
  19. I did too. The great thing with Foldio 2 is that for small models/objects you can "drop down" the roofing of the box and thereby bring the LED's much closer to the models for better lighting. Today Foldio will also start a new Kickstarter called Foldio360, which is a rotating disc/piedestal designed to be used with Foldio 2. It will be bluetooth operated via the Foldio App and will include separate lighting beneath the rotating disc.
  20. Yeah my bad. Of course it was on the Heavies
  21. I've had a lot of fun with: Elite Heavy Troopers w/Targeting Computer Elite Stormtroopers w̶/̶ ̶T̶a̶r̶g̶e̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶C̶o̶m̶p̶u̶t̶e̶r̶ Elite Snowtroopers Elite Royal Guards Most opponents had a lot of trouble chewing through the list, have 2 x Reinforcement in the Command Deck which helps
  22. Here are the result of my Sunday musings. Still a lot of work on the EBT's and some touch up on Sorin (I have already added some Ardcoat on the goggles which worked nicely. I use the Foldio 2 light box for the photography. Nice and mobile Will post more when I finish more details Cheers
  23. I thought Paul Winchester clarified that Terminal Network does not interact with the Data Heist terminal mission rules? (Edited a bit for clarity/readability)I sent in a question regarding R2-D2 and Terminal Network especially with the combo of Leia and High Command in mind. Here's a transcript of the correspondence: Rules Question: Hi there. Just played the "Blood on the Snow" free-for-all 4 player Skirmish map and this issue came up: The mission card says: "End of round: Each player earns 5 VP's for each terminal he controls in an opponent's deployment zone" R2-D2 has a command card "Terminal Network" that, when played while R2-D2 is adjacent to a terminal,gives the player control of all terminals on the map, regardless of any other adjacent figures at the terminals. The "Return to Hoth" Rulebook page 7 first section says "Special Rules: When a card effect targets your opponent (....) you must choose one available opponent. Does this mean: A) The player controlling R2-D2 will gain/earn a total of 15 points if there's still 4 players in the game?? (And 10 if 2 player has been eliminated, and 5 if only 2 players remain?) or B) Does the rule from the "Return to Hoth" prevent A from happening and the player must choose one of the available opponent and will only earn 5 VP's from R2-D2/"Terminal Network " and of course 5 VP's from other "hostile" Terminals this player's figures might control?? Thx. Sincerely Nikolaj Pauls answer: Hi Nikolaj, Your scenario A is correct. Thanks! Paul Winchester Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games pwinchester@fantasyflightgames.com My answer: Wauw!! Thx for the response. Not exactly what I was hoping/thinking it would be since it (IMO) will likely mean that Rebels with R2-D2 and Leia will likely be a standard list in that scenario. Just a bit sad... http://youtu.be/TVSw1lqxpig So IMO this combo is bordering broken.
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