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  1. Listen, I'basically in full agreement that it could (in most cases) justly be considered a poor "move" but on the other hand: It says in the rules the card must be sleeved (in tournament play) so why does this person feel "entitled" to not follow this rule when everybody else have complied to it?? And what (hypothetically) you get the notion that a player has the card non-sleeved to gain an advantage? What then? It's not like it is a million dollar "investment" to sleeve them, so why not simply do it and move on??
  2. I'm hitching my wagon to this resurrected thread and just wants to direct you all to the updated help files for map layouts: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/145522-all-10-current-skirmish-maps-in-pdf-layout-help-files/
  3. Skirmish is 1 vs 1 while Campaign is an Imperial "GM" versus 2-4 Rebel Heroes
  4. I do believe that many of us belong to gaming groups consisting of more than 2 persons: that does, IMO, in no way exclude the Skirmish at all. Actually quite the opposite; since Skirmish allows you to do a couple of quick successive games 1v1 you could just as easily have 2 games running side by side and do a Round Robin with a couple of different maps. How would that work? Are there enough figs in the box to do that? Seriously?? From that question I am almost forced to conclude that you've put little to no effort into actual doing the remotest of research of what the Core box consists of and/or how Skirmish (or Campaign?) actually works. But I will help and say so much as follows: Yes, even "just" the core set contains amble of figures and command cards to hav plenty of fun. And now that Wave 1 is out the fun has just exploded. So please do yourself the favor and give it a try with an open mind. And feel free to return after you've tried it, m'kay? Best wishes
  5. I do believe that many of us belong to gaming groups consisting of more than 2 persons: that does, IMO, in no way exclude the Skirmish at all. Actually quite the opposite; since Skirmish allows you to do a couple of quick successive games 1v1 you could just as easily have 2 games running side by side and do a Round Robin with a couple of different maps.
  6. Maybe this will help on your mood: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/3/18/twin-shadows/ Two new heroes of the Rebel Alliance join this elite team, offering their unique skills and services. The first new hero is Biv Bodhrik, a hard-bitten fighter and a capable guerrilla warrior. Biv is joined in Twin Shadows by Saska Teft, a brilliant engineer whose battlefield inventions can easily save the lives of those she works alongside. During a campaign, Saska can construct unique devices to help herself or her fellow heroes
  7. To the OP: you are totally free to not buy and/or use the Ally expansions especially if/since you're obviously and legitimately dedicated to the Campaign aspect of the game. But for/in skirmish they are nice and comes with good stuff. Enjoy
  8. I might fairly easily be convinced to do crates and terminals and possibly doors. A red bar for a door? A "C" for crates and a "T" for terminals (without color "code")?
  9. The [blast 1] will only happen IF the target figure/object suffers at least 1 Damage: RRG page 7: The Blast keyword appears on some cards. If the target of this figure’s attack suffers one or more Damage, each figure and object adjacent to the target space suffers Damage equal to the Blast value. So not quite guaranteed but at least not Surge dependent ;-)
  10. Not to my own or the FLGS's knowledge. My gaming group all use either UltraPro or Monster side loaded binders (for Magic etc. ) and simply slide 2 mini cards in a pocket. Works best with sleeves mini cards. I know someone uses binders/sheets for coin collecting but haven't tried that myself
  11. Just a couple of snapshots from the process. Not a master painter but as always a delight to see what a dab of paint does. And soooo much inspiration in here. Nice, guys!!
  12. Apparently those aren't the answer nor the boxes he was looking for ;/)https://imgflip.com/i/k3mv3
  13. I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly but here is how the card works: 1) Play the card as a Special action. This will give your figure his/her normal movement points +2, so for instance Vader would get a total of 6 movement points. 2) You may now spend these movement points "as you wish" (almost), so you could move 3, then perform an attack and then move 3 after the attack. You could also spend them all before or after the attack. He could also do a Force Choke instead of an attack 3) after this your activation is done.
  14. The rest of the Campaign maps will be found here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/166768-campaign-map-pdf-help-files-wip/
  15. Hi there. I have made similar files for all the Skirmish maps and hav now decided I will do the same for the Campaign maps. These files are purely thought as an aid in setup an placement of the tiles and do not contain any mor information (crates, terminals, doors etc.) The small 2 x 1 tiles are outlined a bit thicker for easy reference. Download, print and hopefully like Imperial Assault Campaign Map - Aftermath.pdf Imperial Assault Campaign Map - Captured.pdf Imperial Assault Campaign Map - Brushfire.pdf Imperial Assault Campaign Map - Temptation.pdf Imperial Assault Campaign Map - High Moon.pdf
  16. I aim to please. First map (literally) down, many more to go Imperial Assault Campaign Map - Aftermath.pdf
  17. Skirmish Guide page 5: To play the card, he reveals it to his opponent, resolves its ability, and then discards the card.
  18. I would suggest either 1) Rubberbands and regular deck boxes 2) Designi/print some tug boxes (several templates/tools online or 3) Build a small custom insert with foam core
  19. Maybe more suited in the campaign section?? Besides yes, you may Rest even when you have no Strain and you will be allowed to remove Damage equal to the Endurance. Basically the equation is (at all times): Damage removed = (Endurance) - (Amount of Strain)
  20. This way of scoring is somewhat similar to parts of X-Wing: A severely injured Y-Wing with 1 hull remaining that have launched all its torpedoes and even lost its ion turret is still worth it's full start value if it remains on the board at the end of the game.
  21. I'd say that you don't get the points until the last figure in a group is defeated. If you look at the Skirmish Guide page 5 "Winning Skirmish" & Rules Reference Guide page 25 it says: Defeating Figures: When the last figure in a group is defeated, the opposing player scores VPs equal to the deployment cost of that group. So when the Tourney rules says "VP's from figures" I (being a non native English speaking person) would say that the detailed description from the SG & RRG is the one you need to go by: the points obtained from killing an entire group are in fact coming from "destroying (individual) figures" So 1 remotely hidde Stormtrooper => no VP's from that group Everyone agree?
  22. I can see some valid and good points in your arguments. And I am absolutely less sure if my interpretation is correct
  23. Yes he can/may do so: "If an ability allows a figure to perform an attack outside of its activation, this attack does not count toward the limit of one attack per activation." The officer can "order" Vader to perform a normal attack as on of the officer's action (which would be outside Vaders activation) But he must "order" Vader BEFORE Vaders own Activation since an exhausted unit/group cannot be re-activated in the same round (under normal circumstances) Reference? Totally willing to believe you as you've been solid on the rules... Just wanna know where in the RRG to find that. It wasn't being done properly last time we played. Hey, I shall be (amongst) the first to admit when I am or might be in the wrong. Having looked further into it I'm inclined to say I am wrong (surely others will put my mind at rest on the matter). My only "excuse" is a habit carried over from X-Wing where a Stressed ship isn't allowed to do actions, not even free ones. However, as you've pointed out, the RRG doesn't state that a figure can't perform a move or an attack when exhausted. It only says that an exhausted figure/deployment card can't be activated. My bad
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