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  1. If discussing multiplayer maps, r2 is an easy 15vp with terminal network...Auto include for those multiplayer maps imo. He's worth the pointshort in 1v1 too, you get more function rah Tehran than just drawing an extra card per turn with rhc

    We've been talking about this in our group. IMO he is stupidly OP'd with his Command card in the Free4All map, but in the other hand on of two things should happen if R2-D2 is in such a Free4All game:

    1) Hopefully another player it players will activate their R2-D2's and thus negate the effect


    2) If a single player manages to pull it off and score 15 points early on, then everyone else should surely turn their attention in unity in that player and seriously consider ending him/her

  2. The door is not affected by Blast, because the target of the attack never suffers from blast, even when the door can be considered to be adjacent to the targeted space (and thus technically adjacent to itself by appearing in several places at once).


    If the door is destroed in the attack, the door is removed before Blast is applied, and figures on the other side of the door take Blast damage normally, the door is no longer in the way blocking adjacency. The same happens if you melee attack a door and have Cleave.

    And the beauty of that interpretation is that it also makes inch sense fluff wise: a blasted door should be able to "cause" Blast

  3. I disagree. Blast clearly states it effects all adjacent spaces. If you look under doors is says "only spaces that share an edge with the door are adjacent.

    You add those two rules together and you get that blast hits both sides of the door being blasted. You are not targeting the space, but rather the object. Rules for doors are *way outside the norm.

    But check how you're attacking objects:

    When attacking a door, using an ability that affects a door, or counting spaces to a door, the door is considered to be occupying each empty space with which it shares an edge.

  4. If you attack a door with a blast attack, do figs on both sides of the door take the blast damage?


    Based on the FAQ errata to the "Adjacent" section in the RRG I'd say no: 







    The first bullet of “Adjacent” on page 4 should read: 

    “Two spaces that share only an edge that is a wall, blocking terrain, or a door are not adjacent.”



    [  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ] D [  ]

    [F][  ][  ][  ][  ][T]D[F2]

    [  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ] D [  ]

    Let's say that you are F and you are targeting space [T] which is adjacent to the door D

    From the paragraph above it follows that the spaces on the other side of the door aren't considered adjacent (since they share only an edge which is a door) so therefor figur [F2] will not suffer any Blast damage.


    Anyone else agree or disagree??

  5. You could only have one of each upgrade attached to a given card though.

    A related question. I remember something about being limited to the number of deployment cards that come in the set, you can only bring one elite royal guard for instance, am I remembering correctly that that is only in the campaign? In a skirmish you could bring 8 elite imperial officers if you wanted (and spent the money to get the cards)?


    You can only have 4 of any regular deployment card and 2 of any elite.

    From the Skirmish Guide:

    Name Restriction: Each army is limited to a number of Deployment cards with the same name as follows:

    - Maximum of 1 of each unique Deployment card. These cards are identifed by a bullet before the name (for example, “• Darth Vader”).

    - Maximum of 2 of each elite (red) Deployment card.

    - Maximum of 4 of each regular (gray) Deployment card.

    • Skirmish Upgrade Cards: Some Deployment cards have the “Skirmish Upgrade” trait. These cards provide special abilities, but unlike normal Deployment cards, they do not have corresponding gures. These cost deployment points and often have a game changing ability (for example, allowing an army to contain Deployment cards from multiple afiliations).

  6. Element of surprise:

    When the card says "you" it refers to the individual activated figure for which the card is played when that figure is declaring its attack/target. So in your example Stormtrooper #2 must be out of LoS when it's activation started; simply having had a closed door in front of him when the group was activated doesn't count. However it is usually quite easy to use other Stormies or other figures to make sure that LoS starts out being blocked. I use this tactic all the time when attacking Jyn.


    During each Activation Phase, each figure receives one activation. During a figure's activation, it performs up to two actions.

    • While activating a group of two or more figures, the player activates all figures in the group, one at a time, in the order of his choice.

    Second question: you're only allowed a single attack each activation in Skirmish unless a card ability allows you to do more (E-Web, "Blades of Fury", "Pummel" etc). However, that is not the case with neither "Lord of the Sith" or "Meditation". Both simply allow you extra action, but if you've already attacked then you're NOT allowed to do it again this round (unless an elite Officer tells you to :-) )

    The reason that "Lord of the Sith" can make sense for Vader specifically is his special action => Force Choke which deals 3 damage to a figure in LoS but it is NOT an attack. So Vader can, in some cases, finish off 2 hostile figures in one activation (1 by melee attack and a 2nd by Force Choke) and then very likely use Lord of the Sith to do 2 X Move action and get the h*%* out of the combat zone

  7. First time IA TO, experienced X-Wing and MTG TO, wondering what is the general consensus on proxies for these cards after the errata? Equal number of official cards required for each proxy? Should I check that all the people using proxies have the same amount of official product?

    In principle I'd say yes. What I've done is print the errata on cardboard and inserted on the back of the original card in the sleeve

  8. But... The RG cards are double-sided? How is that useful?

    I don't follow on how that wouldn't be useful?

    For one, you can't use both at the same time, unlike TWO cards. Secondly, you have to take steps to conceal the other side so your opponent doesn't know what you are fielding. Thirdly, a crafty opponent could decide into the campaign on which open group he brought... Elite if he needs strength, regular if he doesn't have the threat.

    If the "fact" that a dual side makes it easier for your GM or Imperial player to cheat then I'd say you already have a problem and should consider finding another GM. But if it's a genuine concern then simply say that the revealed/hidden cards MUST be the original ones. They may then be substituted with the respective side of the dual sided ones.

    But seriously: get another GM


    I haven't seen it mentioned yet that a stunned figure cannot be ordered to move by another figure. I find that particularly useful in trying to combat those officer heavy lists that rely on Order to scoot RGs all over the board.


    Yup. Golden rules, RRG p.2:

     If a card or mission uses the word cannot , that effect is absolute

    and cannot be overridden by other effects.



    However, Chewbacca could slap/push (or rather Slam) the stunned trooper halfway across the hallway if he so desires ;-)


  10. I haven't seen it mentioned yet that a stunned figure cannot be ordered to move by another figure. I find that particularly useful in trying to combat those officer heavy lists that rely on Order to scoot RGs all over the board.


    Yup. Golden rules, RRG p.2:

     If a card or mission uses the word cannot , that effect is absolute

    and cannot be overridden by other effects.

  11. So my next question after reading this and thinking the official answer to urgency is dumb would be:


    Beast Tamer - exhaust this card at the start of a creature's activation for that figure to perform a move.


    Do those points have to be spent all at once, or are they added to the pool and can be split up around other actions?


    I'm really curious because I want to use this on the Bantha rider and do as many movement antics on him as I can. I get that if I stop the movement on any figures it will end his movement for the rest of that activation, but really want to know how the beast tamer works.


    I'd love any feedback on the Bantha rider list I put up in the skirmish section too. Thanks!


    Based on the wording of BT and the following section on p.19 in RRG and comparing to the sections discussed above I'd say that BT does simply count as having performed a movement action:


    BT: exhaust this card at the start of a creature's activation for that figure to perform a move.

    RRG p 19:  When a figure performs a move, it gains movement points equal to

    its Speed.


    So since BT isn't a special action and the points gained are gained during the figure's own activation I'd def say that you "bank" the  points and may spend them as you wish like the normal points.


    Anyone agree/disagree??

  12. Sorry to be THAT guy - but unsurprising and typical 'gamer whining' going on in here.


    In summary:


    - RG, IO and Sabs become too powerful and dominant, with many players stating they're broken, damaging the game and calling for bans/nerfs/errata


    - After allowing enough time for testing, seeing tourney result, FFG introduce errata


    - Players whine because the new versions of the cards are 'too different' (which is exactly what was called for). Players also whine because they don't have proper card version of the errata'd cards RIGHT NOW, despite FFG including images of the new cards in the article. Print them out, put them in the sleeve - simples


    - FFG then includes the errata'd RGs in the very next prize kit. Double sided so that you need less of them. So that player's need to attend less tournaments and so that FLGS need to buy less kits. This also means that it'll take 3 kits to release the errata'd cards instead of 5.


    - Players then whine that the cards are double sided, that they're 'different' to all the other cards now, are 'unusable' in campaign and replace the alt art cards. Players whine that they have to 'pay' for these cards, because the only way to get them is to attend tournaments. (Aren't you doing that anyway, because you like and play the game!?


    - Players also whine about tokens not being included, the value of the kits being reduced etc etc, despite them trying out something new with the HP trackers. 



    Damned if they do, damned if they don't.


    - They include single sided cards and then they've either got to remove the Alt-arts or increase the price of the kits. Result: Whine

    - They include the tokens, then they've got to remove something else, make the erratas double sided, or increase price of the kit. Result: Whine

    - They don't include the health trackers and people complain about the kit's being boring or tired. Result: Whine


    Maybe by now I shouldn't be, but it always amazes me the capacity for gamers to whine about stuff.


  13. LOVE that the RG cards are double sided.

    Not digging the damage tracker cards...

    Also, did anyone see the gorgeous acrylic dial in the LCG? It would be tight if we got an acrylic Turn/Threat counter in a future kit.

    Funny. Just yesterday we were discussing the same thing. I won the acrylic DS they made for Nationals last year. It was much more like the regular cardboard version. Been toying with doing a proper Yavin version but now I'm just hoping to get my grubby hands on this new one.

  14. Yeah, not ranting here. I don't see this as a money grab or anything. They're just trying to rotate the maps in, but there are features unique to Imperial Assault (as opposed to X-Wing and Armada) that make that a little hairier than usual. Someone's got to have the map tiles. Where the other titles are "basic set plus whatever you like", this introduces a specific additional thing you must have.

    Price is also not an issue. Just accessibility. "Hey everyone, you must have a Mist Hunter to play in this X-Wing tournament" would not seem like a good idea either.

    My question though is would it be within a TO's power to say "Hey, were just using the other two maps today"? This would of course be fine for casual tournaments, but for a store champoinship it would potentially affect higher tier tournaments. It's a small detail, yes. But da rules is da rules.

    Also interesting is that the rules state that "Proxies of cards and figures cannot be used." and makes no mention of proxies for tiles. Are stand-in tiles verboten? What if you lose a tile piece? Buying an entire basic set or expansion again?

    Certainly changing the maps for an official FFG tournament would not be legal and most likely would result in complaints from other players and possibly end in the venue being blacklisted from FFG. That being said I do know of TO's/tournaments where printed maps have been used/preferred. Mainly to speed up the time between rounds since you don't have to build the maps.

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