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  1. Trump gave a billion dollar socialist handout to the farmers, maybe he will bail out the table top board game industry too. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Has anyone that made stage 3 at Adepticon received the set of 4 Bounty Hunter ship cards? It has been nearly two weeks and I havent recieved my set yet.
  3. TGO

    Force Friday

    My local store was going to stay open late on Thursday and sell the product after midnight. Plans changed when they were told it wouldn't be delivered until Friday.
  4. They need to make the world championship events by invite only.
  5. Doesn't that put emphasis on better maneuvering and higher PS skill?
  6. I experienced the Dash + Poe list today. I was flying PS 10 Nym with Dengar. I spent a few turns chasing Poe when I probably should have went after Dash. It was a combination of poor decisions (chasing Poe), poor maneuver selection (Nym landed on a debris), and my attack dice didn't do me any favors. I don't want to blame the attack dice because my bad rolls were all unaided and that was due to the poor flying/poor decisions. Anyway, the Poe was difficult to hit and he would just regen the shield with a green move the next turn.
  7. That seems a bit unrealistic, although I hope it is true. If it is set to release July 13th it would need to go to shipping this week.
  8. TGO

    Live cheating at worlds?

    If all of the anti-intentional draw people can get FFG to go back on that then I am sure all of the people who want to see this guy banned can get FFG to escalate the punishment.
  9. TGO

    Live cheating at worlds?

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/spolicy/ Does anyone know why the last two guys received bans/suspensions? updated with a correct link.
  10. TGO

    Live cheating at worlds?

    This is the exact mindset of so many of FF's customer's that it is no wonder that FFG doesn't have a legitimate OP department. They figure all of their customer's are naive enough to beleive that you dont need strong set of tournament rules.
  11. TGO

    Live cheating at worlds?

    Anyone that has been around FFG long enough knows that this is par for the course from those bunch of tards. FFG caters to the casual gamer and assumes people dont cheat. Also, they have always been reactive and never proactive with these sort of things. If they were proactive they would write a legitimate tournament guideline that outlines infractions & penalties, intent not with standing for any penalty. If you do X than Y happens to you, whether that is a warning, game loss, or DQ. As for how they handled this situation, the screwed it up everyway possible. They should have given the game loss in the match that it happened in. By giving the game loss to the next round opponent they messed with the integrity of the event. I really cant even fathom how any judge they think a warning is fair in that situation. I've been playing FFG games for 4 years now and their OP has continued to prove that they are joke and will never change. You can manipulate your dial in X-wing but if you draw an extra card in Star Wars LCG its an auto game loss. Explain to me how that makes sense.
  12. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that FFG has not announced the prizes for worlds? They did post this several months ago but have yet to tell us exactly what people can expect to play for. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/world-championships-may/prizes/
  13. TGO

    X-wing websites?

    I'm looking for websites with consistent content, do these exist for x-wing? IF so, can you hook me up with a link to these websites. Also, I am looking for articles on asteroid placement strategy/theory. I know Paul Heaver did a series of turn 0 articles a while back and I've read those so I am looking for something that goes a bit deeper, if it exists.
  14. TGO

    Q2 store kits

    So much disappointment.
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