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  1. They can turn whatever die they want (yours or theirs) to any side. You're forcing them to turn "a" die, you're not choosing which die. Then you turn a different die to any side (again, yours or theirs). Don't think anything has been overlooked.
  2. If I'm dead by turn 2-3(or worse- turn 1) i can't use my cards either. I've had far less fun getting blown out by hyper aggro decks than i have by getting milled. Maybe we should just all play 'snap' instead?
  3. 3 simple words: Lying in Wait. "Force an opponent to choose and discard cards from their hand down to the number of cards you have in your hand." and that's just specific tech against this one deck. From what I've seen now that i look into it, this whole "draw their entire deck" schtick is actually very easily countered by having some mitigation in hand and not claiming the battlefield too soon.
  4. I'm a wee bit out of the loop in this game, so I've not come across these deck archetypes yet, but it seems to me you're saying that there's an archetype against which a decent mill deck can win turn one without actually having to do a lot of work. Excellent.
  5. And to further clarify: no it is not broken. It requires 3 cards to execute, and for those 3 cards(2x premonitions and whatever you want to play with it) to be in your hand at fortuitous times. It can be good, but it's not broken.
  6. No it isn't. Your deliberate, intentional ignorance of how the game works, your desire to fundamentally change what words on a card mean, does not require an official ruling. You are wrong. It really is that simple.
  7. It does not work with indirect damage. No official ruling needed. The card specifies melee or ranged damage, and not as reminder text for "damage".
  8. So your opponent plays a card without paying its cost? At that point I'd ask them to pay the cost or return the card to their hand. Then they re-roll a dice? At that point I'd ask them to return the dice to it's original side, and discard a card before re-rolling. Unless there's something I'm seriously missing from the question here this seems to be a very open and shut case of someone misplaying. I suppose in a competitive environment you could call a TO and look to have them disqualified or forced to take a loss on that particular game, but I highly doubt someone in a competitive environment would misplay in this fashion to begin with. Mistakes do occasionally get made, but I don't think I've ever seen someone flat out just play a card for free then re-roll a dice...
  9. I can only hope the L3 card is unplayable. I don't think I've ever found a character more annoying in all of film.
  10. I agree. The game is for fun. Be nice if I had some organised events to play it at, maybe meet new people, see different players with different collections from around my area. I mean, those events exist, and I find out about one in every 10 of them via facebook or word of mouth, meanwhile events take place a 20 minute drive from my house with 4 people attending because between FFG and the store, nobody actually wants me to play this fun game outside of my circle of friends, apparently.
  11. Just imagine how nice it'd be if we had a proper tournament schedule. The lack of organised play support for this game is ridiculous.
  12. K. I'll add your assessment to pile of "destiny is dying/dead" statements, a pile started some time in January 2017.
  13. You play reaping the crystal, then before you play the upgrade you exhaust IBAT. They do, infact, work together.
  14. So the question is really: when will we see more obscure EU characters or minor off screen characters? We have a fair few already... Quinlan Vos etc. Plus for those who don't watch or give a stuff about Rebels theres all those characters. They gotta pad it out somehow. Only so many Vaders and Lukes out there.
  15. I think he was asking the question rather than making the statement. As far as I'm aware there's no publicly available information regarding print numbers of individual cards.
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