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  1. Yes... and also no. Get a side you don't want like a +2? Roll Unkar or sister and use Unkars ability to generate resources. Blank? Overwrite and go again. Not getting the roll you want with FNs ability doesnt necessarily hurt your turn as you have options available to fix it.
  2. FN needs it more than Poe/Maz. I'd say: Maz ability to her own dice only. FN ability limited to the first weapon you play on him each turn. That's my opinion anyway.
  3. That was an entertaining read.
  4. Well putting it in a big retail store could be a great boon for the game, possibly even for local game stores (assuming the big ones don't start stocking boosters) - get people playing the starter set, they then go out and find booster packs. Maybe. Depends how fun the standalone experience is with the 2 player starter.
  5. He said nearly. And yes, printing cards is cheap. This is a pretty flagrant money grab, there's no two ways about it. There may well be an argument for getting players to buy two copies of a starter set in order to get a complete game experience, but I would counter that you're more likely to get people involved if their first experience (a single starter box) gives them a decent taste of the full game experience. That said, I don't run a multi-million dollar company, so my thoughts on the matter are moot. ... What? That makes no sense. You know what would also let them "print way more"? Including two of each card in a box instead of one. You know what else would let them "print way more"? Getting more people into the game with a better first experience. As it stands I can't recommend to people I know that they just buy the 2 player starter and go from there, because I refuse to tell my friends to spend their hard-earned cash on a mediocre experience.
  6. Of all the cards to complain about being broken... I needed a laugh this morning.
  7. Well I don't know if FFG will go out of their way to make things more powerful, but every new card brings a possibility of a combo that no playtester found and has not been considered. One could argue that Poe/Maz (for example) shows the excellent balance between SoR and Awakenings, with a character from each and a nice split of upgrades and cards, but what makes the deck powerful is the specific synergy between those two characters - a Yellow partner for Poe who's ability means he can reliably get his special and resolve it without interference. Maz herself isn't a sign of "power creep", but that interaction clearly wasn't caught (or it's full ramifications were not understood). Tl;dr - I don't think the issue will be "power creep", i reckon the balance between the 3 available sets will be fairly even, but there will undoubtedly be combinations out there between the three sets which were not foreseen (or which were not fully appreciated) in playtesting.
  8. Pretty sure it's only his character dice. I think its a bit of a joke that wording made it past the QC stage.
  9. But thats not what the quote says... It says that when the time comes to choose which dice to resolve i can't choose symbols i dont have. My action is "resolve dice". As per page 13 of the rules ref.
  10. But I'm not declaring what dice symbols im resolving. Im declaring the action "resolve dice". When the time comes to choose symbols, id argue i can then resolve the dice I've focused. Note: I'm not saying I'm 100% right on this, just offering the counter-argument. To me this is up there with the "can qui gon use his ability if he has 3 shields" argument from way back when- the common sense answer is clear(to me) but the rules are not.
  11. I actually think Kanan should be able to focus resolve with his ability: Action declared: resolve dice. Kanans ability happens before action. Dice are resolved. I suppose it comes down to whether or not the action "resolve dice" as per page 13 of the rules reference is a valid enough declaration to begin the process, or if one has to declare which dice are being resolved. For the sake of not being a nitpicking rules lawyer (ironic given the above), i reckon Kanan should be allowed to use his ability to focus a dice then immediately resolve it... but I'm sure plenty of others will disagree(and with decent reason). Will this interaction get or require an FAQ entry I wonder?
  12. Happy to see Asokha costed at 17... as opposed to 20. Though a 15 pointer would've been better (although she does look powerful enough to warrant 17). Happy to see a 13 point hero character who might actually stand up in a fight*. *Well... sorta. Hardly an FN-2199, but a 2 damage side, a focus side and his ability make him at least worth considering. Got excited about Training remote, thought it'd be a Hero "lure of power" but a bit cheaper (which frankly, heroes deserve SOMETHING cheaper than villains for a change)... This turned to confusion when I read it's text properly. Training Remote: it's text reads: You may resolve the modifier sides of this die to modify any symbol on one of your blue character dice. So, am I to interpret this as an upgrade support which allows you to resolve only one character dice (plus the modifier from training remote)? I've had a long day so I may not be thinking clearly, but that suddenly doesn't seem as good. Not necessarily unplayable, but not as good. edit - I didn't realise it was a support either. I'm really bloody tired today. Oh and a final thought... grand inquistor: Comparable dice to Obi-Wan (a 2 melee better than a 1 melee, but offset by having to pay for his 3 side), arguably a better ability in the form of his special(both are situational, the inquisitors special may as well be a blank in some instances, but then if Obi Wan is the last man standing then his ability is worthless), better health, one point cheaper... Discuss.
  13. All of them. FFG recycles artwork like it's going out of fashion.
  14. Oh thank god. I was just thinking that heroes are totally lacking a 20 point elite blue character whos basically impossible to pair with anyone but Rey.
  15. Seems pretty straightforward to me: youre using IG88s special. So you play a yellow weapon or equipment on ig88 reducing its cost by 2. Same way when you command shuttle anakin then anakin takes the 1 damage, not the shuttle. Happy to be proved wrong, but it seems obvious to me.