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  1. Yoda Special Resolution

    No. Dice says do two of the following. Not one of the following twice.
  2. Yoda's specials abilities

    It says do 2 of the following. It does not say do one of the following twice.
  3. Order of Modifiers (non-dice)

    You choose the order if all your effects have the same timing window.
  4. Crime Lord vs Crime Lord who wins?

    Battlefield controller.
  5. Plenty of people have put up rules references. You're willfully ignoring or misinterpreting them for your "fun" little experiment in trying to rules-lawyer the game. Frankly it's all I can do not to go into a lengthy, highly insulting tirade against you, which would no doubt break the code of conduct for this forum. If I were you I'd say "thank you" to the people who have had the time and patience to answer this scenario of yours by showing you the rules, and then move on.
  6. Ok pal. You buy yourself 30 greedo dice and show up to a game with them. Enjoy your opponents response. I'm sure they'll be mightily impressed and totally agree with your stance.
  7. Neutral character question?

    Literally no one has argued that point. You may be in the wrong thread? This one is about whether or not a team with a Neutral Yellow character can also take Hero (if he is paired with hero characters) or Villain (if paired with villain characters) Yellow cards in it's deck. Which it can. If you have a Hero character in red and a Neutral character in yellow, you can take Red, Yellow and Grey cards of Hero and Neutral alignment. As explained, at length, above.
  8. Neutral character question?

    *sigh* Ozmodon... Just... No. People have explained to you. Very clearly, why your deck has access to neutral and hero or villain cards in whatever colour your characters allow. They have referenced the rules and even broken them down into bitesize chunks to make it clearer... Good luck trying to argue your side at the next tournament you play.
  9. Common sense, logic, being a reasonable human being, the rules of the game as explained above. But naw, you go ahead and try to rules lawyer weasel your way into this incredibly stupid thing, meaning the RRG has to get just a little bit longer and more unwieldy, for no reason other than because somebody decided to try and be clever.
  10. Final Moment and win conditions

    I think you're right. The action phase ends, at this point Final Moment triggers, then play proceeds to the upkeep phase, the "mill" win condition specifies "at the end of a round (after the upkeep phase)" So yeah, I would suggest you cannot play Final Moment and win by mill.
  11. SWD Character Partner Dilemma

    You're way behind the times. Nute Gunray, Magnaguard, Bib, Royal Guard... Vader has a plethora of partners of all colours to play with, all with pros and cons. (I like Nute Gunray - his ability makes him a target your opponent wants gone, and his status as a unique red character makes leadership a lovely addition to your deck). Which one? New one (Legacies) goes well with eMaz, old one (Spirit of Rebellion) I played quite a bit with one die Rey (Awakenings), inconsistent but very bursty when you get that perfect action-cheaty "Force speed-Force Speed-Vibroknife-Roll in-Resolve Force Speeds- Roll in Obiwan-Re-roll until you get max damage-then resolve it" turn.
  12. Surely if you're reliably getting a turn 1 kill against a 8 health character thats going to apply to most of Vaders partner choices? Did your opponent get leadership off for a 2nd Vader activation at any point? Did he use the first turn damage you pumped into Nute instead of Vader to his advantage?
  13. Honour guard?!

    Text in parentheses is reminder text. If it says "damage" then that includes indirect.
  14. Defensive teaching?!!

    *sigh* You mean aside from the rule saying that a character cannot have more than 3 shields? It doesn't have to specify that excess shields are discarded because its very very very cut and dry.
  15. Defensive teaching?!!

    You mean aside from the clear RRG entry that points out that a die is set aside?