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  1. Meh whatever. Point is it was incredibly stupid.
  2. Yes. In the disney cgi cartoons... he comes back with mechanical spider legs. Because Disney knows how to sell toys.
  3. I lovethos yoda. Both thematically (he's a beefed up Force Training - thats literally what he does, he trains Luke) and as cheap hero blue support.
  4. As a ccg newbie i have a question; When cards are reprinted, with the same text, cost etc. Etc. Does one have to own specifically the reprinted card in order for it to be legal? As an example: if i have tactical mastery from awakenings, which cycles out, but the 2 player game remains legal, does my deck require the 2 player version to be considered legal despite being the exact same card?
  5. I think he might mean "its a trap" which went from being occasionally amazing in this specific deck to being... i dunno... maybe not garbage but certainly not as good as it was. Unless All-in copped it too?
  6. They also nerfed its a trap. So thats not a great indicator.
  7. And just like that eKylo(2p) eFN was no more...
  8. Dont think I've ever heard "remove 2 of an opponents dice" and "pointless" together before...
  9. I'd like to see a version of Maul who appears for about 3 minutes and is then cut in half.
  10. Local patrol reads: Force an opponent ti choose to either lose 1 resource or discard top 2 cards of their deck. If the opponent has no resources can they still elect to "lose 1 resource" or must they discard? Apologies if this is a stupid question but I've been out of the loop for a while.
  11. Yes... and also no. Get a side you don't want like a +2? Roll Unkar or sister and use Unkars ability to generate resources. Blank? Overwrite and go again. Not getting the roll you want with FNs ability doesnt necessarily hurt your turn as you have options available to fix it.
  12. FN needs it more than Poe/Maz. I'd say: Maz ability to her own dice only. FN ability limited to the first weapon you play on him each turn. That's my opinion anyway.
  13. That was an entertaining read.
  14. Well putting it in a big retail store could be a great boon for the game, possibly even for local game stores (assuming the big ones don't start stocking boosters) - get people playing the starter set, they then go out and find booster packs. Maybe. Depends how fun the standalone experience is with the 2 player starter.
  15. He said nearly. And yes, printing cards is cheap. This is a pretty flagrant money grab, there's no two ways about it. There may well be an argument for getting players to buy two copies of a starter set in order to get a complete game experience, but I would counter that you're more likely to get people involved if their first experience (a single starter box) gives them a decent taste of the full game experience. That said, I don't run a multi-million dollar company, so my thoughts on the matter are moot. ... What? That makes no sense. You know what would also let them "print way more"? Including two of each card in a box instead of one. You know what else would let them "print way more"? Getting more people into the game with a better first experience. As it stands I can't recommend to people I know that they just buy the 2 player starter and go from there, because I refuse to tell my friends to spend their hard-earned cash on a mediocre experience.