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  1. Thanks for the info! While I appreciate the fact that they have given someone a crazy workaround, it didn't help when I had friends over to continue our campaign.
  2. The app was updated earlier today. When I go to load my previously-saved scenario, the game says I have to activate “the following products” followed by a blank list. I own and have enabled every JIME product. It does not let me load the scenario that I was playing and saved before today’s app update. Screenshot of my enabled products and the message I get: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGySMvJDxO9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Same complaints being logged at BGG. This is clown-level buffoonery and EXACTLY why people hesitate to buy games you can’t play without an app. You guys need to get your act together and stop introducing bugs that destroy games or make them unplayable. Backwards save compatibility is “Testing 101” for games and you have failed that task at least twice, now. Utterly failed. And that’s not even touching the slew of content bugs we have come to expect with every new campaign you release. And this very week you introduced the new Descent at a $175 price point that will require an app? What have you done to demonstrate we should pay that much for anything coming out of your software department? Things have really gone downhill since Asmodee bought FFG.
  3. I just had to necro post this quote and point out that it has been five years and he never apologized or edited his post. It’s really frustrating when someone flat out mistates a rule in an authoritative way, without citing the rulebook or FAQ or any other source and gets it 100% wrong. It’s worse when they are correcting someone (incorrectly) who properly interpreted the rule. It is the worst when they never edit their post so people for years might read the first answer and think they have a good interpretation. /rant
  4. The first part is correct. The second is not. From the LotA rulebook: ” Bleeding: After an Imperial figure with the Bleeding condition performs an instruction preceded by one or more {Action icons}, it suffers 1H. Then, if it has only 1 health remaining, it discards the Bleeding condition.” Also, “If an instruction would cause a figure to be defeated before it could otherwise affect a Rebel figure, skip that instruction.“ My emphasis added in both quotes. This means that the stormie will wait until he can take an action that affect a Rebel figure (I.e., attack it) and then take that action and then become defeated.
  5. I believe the OP is not following proper steps for Plague Cloud. When you use it, it lets you perform an attack that targets all monsters that at hexed at the time you avtivate Plague Cloud. In the example, that would be the two masters. Attacking in Descent has very specific set of steps: 1) declare weapon and target(s). 2) roll dice 3) check range 4) spend surges 5) deal damage Plague Cloud states that “before rolling dice” you may add hex tokens adjacent to the targets. “Before rolling dice” happens after step 1, “declare weapon and targets.” Thus, because you have already declared targets (the two masters)in step 1, you can not change your targets after all of the adjacent minions become hexed. Also, the Plague Cloud card even says monsters “adjacent to targets” may become hexed. This demonstrates that some monsters being hexed may not be targets of the attack, just simply adjaccent monsters. To work the way you think it does, you would need to change Plage Cloud from “before rolling dice” to “before declaring targets” and then come up with some different mechanism to determine which monsters gains hex token. (Perhaps, “before declaring targets, each monster without a hex token that is adjacent to a hexed monster gains on hex token.”) Take away? The steps and exact wording matters!
  6. Bad penny is incredible combined with pawn sacrifice or seeker needle, etc I have a deck with a bad penny and two pawn sacs. It's amazing.
  7. This. Exactly this. I don't know why people feel the need to state the utterly 100% wrong rule without saying "I think this is the way it is but I am not sure." People will read his post and play the game 100% wrong until they meet someone who knows wtf they are talking about.
  8. Uhm...Not really. If the rules were reversed and you stole first and THEN got an amber from playing the card, the exact same thing would happen. Compare a 3-4 aember count witht he valid rule and the hypothetical reversed rule: Valid rule means you to 4-4 and you would not steal one and you would not get to draw a card. The hypothetical rule where you resolve "Play:" text before you get the aember icon aember would mean that the 3-4 score would first turn into 4-3 when you stole one. You then got to draw a card. THEN you get to 5-3 when you get the aember for playing he card. So, the exact opposite of what you said. :-)
  9. That's just the citation I was looking for. Thanks!
  10. Sorry for necro-post, but why would the tokens be discarded if it is unequipped? Which rule are you citing? This question just came up on BGG and I am trying to search the web and CRRG and other resources to find a rule for this. Any citations woulk be helpful!
  11. Corrupted Save Game Files After PC Crash OBSERVED BEHAVIOR: If PC crashes, the saved game files become corrupted and the app becomes unusable because it locks every time the user tries to load a saved game or start a new campaign. EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: The app should restore from last good save. Even if all save files are corrupted, the app should handle gracefully and allow user to start new game (and possibly repair bad files or at least delete them.) DETAILS: I am running the Steam-delivered version of the app on my Windows 10 PC. The PC crashed while I was sitting at the Armory trying to figure out what to buy between missions, just after I had received my 4xp skills. (So pretty far into the campaign.) I don't recall if I had just clicked on something, but I know the mouse was in my hand, so I probably had. When I rebooted and tried to load the game, I got the screen depicted in the attached image and the app locked up. Clicking the BACK button did nothing. I had to press ALT-F4 to kill the app. Same thing if I tried to start a new game. (Any time it tries to read my saved games, it locks like this.) I moved the only save game folder (Folder name = "0") out of the saved games folder. This solved the problem. I have attached a zipped copy of the corrupted saved game folder. PS: Any way to save my campaign or do I have to start over from scratch? 0.zip
  12. Playing Delve and I have a quest that starts out on the following map: There are blue objective tokens where the red Xs are and the portal is closed to begin with. The blue objective tokens can be defeated with damage attacks.Two elementals are on the map that can not be damaged and do not block movement or LOS.My heroes ran to the blue tokens and defeated them. As soon as the second token was defeated, the app told us that the elementals can now be treated as normal. From my event log: I understood the "elementals are now treated as normal" part to mean that they now 1) block LOS and movement, 2) can take damage, and thus, 3) can be defeated.I attacked and defeated the elementals. When I clicked on the elemental icon in the App and chose "Defeat Group", the app displayed a the following message: I did a double-take while saying something like "Hubba--wha?" So, only once you waste precious time to kill both elementals and then try to tell the app that they are defeated are you told they can't be defeated. At that point, you have already taken them off of the map and possibly taken several turns since the first one was removed from the map. Everything is all screwed up and cannot be fixed. You literally have to surrender the whole campaign and start over from scratch. So, one of the following must be true: 1) They should be able to be defeated after destroying the crystals. (Bug with the "Defeat group" logic.)2) They can never be defeated. (Bug with the instructions.)3) The instructions and Defeat Group logic are working as intended and this is the single biggest troll event in board gaming history.I am guessing #1. Thoughts?
  13. Wrong. Page 17 of the core rules makes it clear that familiars are NOT treated like heroes. They can't be targeted, figures can occupy the same space as a familiar, etc.. Page 18 of the core rules then adds "Some familiars, such as the Reanimate, are treated AS FIGURES." (Emphasis mine.) It does NOT say that it they are treated as HERO figures...just "as figures." If they meant for familiars to be treated as heroes, the would say so, but they did not. To facilitate the co-op adventures, they added the following entry to the errata for the co-op games: "Familiars are only considered heroes for Activation cards. When text on Peril cards, Exploration cards, the cooperative adventure rules, or the encounter guide references heroes or hero figures, it is not referring to familiars, only actual heroes with Hero sheets." So, no, familiars are not "treated like heroes" even if they are "treated like figures." HOWEVER, there IS a rule that says activation cards affect familiars.Play accordingly! :-) Other examples from the game support this: 1) The language in the Nature's Ire rule book describing the Desmond: "...he is treated as a hero," not "treated as a figure." 2) The FAQ adds language to the rule book explicitly stating that in addition to being able to add elixir tokens to heroes, you can also add them to familiars and allies. This means that
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