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  1. I am very glad FFG took this to heart, and made a change. I only hope that they will soon have accurate information regarding reprints on the upcoming page as well. There is currently no information about these.
  2. Dunno if anyone has pointed this out yet, but Dengar's ability has a charge count on it (can't see how many he has tho)
  3. Those scenarios were the year after (essentially) black rider came out.
  4. There's a july 15 event at Dogs of War in Palm Bay, FL and one on the 23rd at coolstuff games waterford FL location.
  5. For the first list (which is actually norm's the names are backwards) the adar tallon transport is the flagship as well. The other med transport has bomber command, and the combat refit has comms net. There are also two vcx in the build (not just one as the graphic could lead some to believe). Should total 399. Not sure on his objectives since he was first player in the final, but they did mention that two of the three were token based to work with the vcxs. I would guess Most Wanted, Ion cannon (really not sure on this one), and sensor net, but hard to say. Nathan's list has rieekan on the comms net flotilla, and the third one (listed above with no upgrades) has adar tallon, boosted comms, and bomber command. Should total 398, nathan chooses to be second player in the final. He obviously has Superior Positions. EDIT: Originally missed the part where the commentators said this. Nathan's other two were precision strike (pretty interesting in a rieekan build, could backfire getting a zombie ship farmed, but when everyone else is playing rieekan also.....) and fighter ambush
  6. Two titles, one for generics, one for PS6 and above aces. Keeps Biggs under control (sorry Hobbie but there are casulaties in war). Also, if someone really wants to do r2 d6 and PS boost to get the ace title then fine, at least biggs wouldnt have r4 d6 etc., so should be fine. Also, if the ace one is more arc dodgey based or something, it could maybe just be ps 5 and up, and since biggs wants to stay in formation anyway, it probably wouldnt help him (hobbie, you're back in!). A generic rogue squadron pilot with ept would be nice too. Also, an e-wing only astromech to fix non-corran pilots
  7. Bob, I played Classic Paratanni, no changes. <------------Travis Cooper
  8. Don't get me wrong, I had to click esege to double check. It was more of a comment on the proofread mistakes that seem to be an just about every article overall on the game.
  9. Cool. Someone tell him esege or w/e can't help biggs defend. Seems to have kind of based the build on that, and as usual, FFG proofreading doesn't catch these things. These kind of things are especially annoying in instructional "newbie" articles.
  10. Also, luke deflects any attack made by a figure with the ranged attack type. It doesn't matter if you are adjacent to him or not when you attack. Only melee chars like jedi, wookiees, pigs, etc will circumvent it.
  11. On the Lam is better, but it's not like you can play two of them. Run for Cover will often negate an attack by hosing the accuracy though. Especially with hidden. On the lam is before the attacker plays modifiers, do before assassinate etc.
  12. I'd say she was worse before in the sense that battefield leadership works better on bigger targets and was often overkill on troopers. Also, with the average trooper list having about 12 figures in it, you really needed some bodies of your own just for objectives/terminals/ etc. Now, all that has changed a bit in her favor, but now between the new power cards and weequays, white dice pretty much suck and she can get one shot if they have assassinate or tools for the job handy. Watched a leia get attacked by a weequay with wild attack, she rolled TWO dodges, then had to reroll one into something insignificant, then heightened reflexes and she was dead lol. Not as rare as it seems. Would've been even easier if that wild attack was just tools. And these scum lists tend to have AT LEAST 2 of the power cards at any one time in hand since they draw so many. People will do this sort of thing to jedi luke as well, but at least it takes at least 2-3 nasty shots.
  13. That base is the right idea, but usually just c-3po + w/e (elite pigs or something) for filler. Also, there's plenty of good 0s these days. Take intiative and element of course, opportunistic for scum of course, greedo's card, wild attack for weequays, stimulants, positioning advantage, disorient, celebration (with the new meta and jabba math), maybe deadeye or a movement card, or maybe even planning to just draw 3 with jabba. Some folks also seem to like shoot the messenger, but i'm not a huge fan. Also, saving an elite weequay from a kill shot is totally worth it with on the lam, when he'll likely just activate and kill something himself. Especially when the enemy is focused and/or hidden, and/or using tools for the job. Also, since a bunch of you seem to still like leia, you can essentially on the lam out of two attacks against her.
  14. Check out the companion rules in the F.A.Q./updated rules reference/bespin rules (any one will do basically), and read the indentured jester card again and it will make sense. You can also google the salacious crumb card istelf from jabba's realm just to see his stats/abilities
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