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  1. Feel free to do so ugavine. I created and posted these on YouTube for the community, so the more people who can use them the better!
  2. I had some free tonight so I've created two crawls for Long Arm of the Hutt; one using the original flavor text included with the adventure, and one with paraphrased text that I felt was more in line with the tone and voice of movie crawls. Crawl with original flavor text: Crawl with edited flavor text: I'd add these links to my original post but it doesn't look like I'm able to edit it anymore. Unfortunate.
  3. I was so enamoured by the Beginner Game that I was compelled to learn After Effects enough to create an opening crawl and tilt for it (who says you never learn anything from games!). You can find it on youtube at: or just do a search for "Escape From Mos Shuuta Opening Crawl". It's my first so please, be kind
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