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  1. Marek looks like Matthew McConighay (SIC)
  2. Another Star Destroyer to add to my display case. Excellent. Most excellent.
  3. I have a Star Destroyer in a display case. That was my best takeaway from this game. Goes well with my Hot Toys figs too!
  4. Does being an 8 month old fetus count? I was born in June of 77, but Mom went to the flick.
  5. I quit playing because the playgroup in the area was tournament focused only in the game shops. That wasn't what I wanted to do, and that was my call as a consumer of the product. I did attempt to garner a casual group of just pushing around ships, but there were no bites. It ended up more tournament only in all aspects. The local meta for play style wasn't something I wanted to invest in, so I divested myself of the product and the game. I certainly don't hate those players for that choice. It wasn't my idea of what I wanted. I think the only issue I get is that either side of the argument is less valid then the other. They're equally valid concerns.
  6. Personally, Team Covenant is right to discuss this. They have a vested interest in the health of this game considering how in they are on it. It is in their best interest to promote the game. Whether or not they have an inside track on information, or have a rather huge allocation of product is the subject of hearsay and rumor. I stayed on the forum for the community, but I am on my way out of the game. I do not have a lot of faith in the distribution of product from FFG (my opinion), and I REALLY do not want to pay the prices the game stores in my area are going to charge. I'm also in an area where a tiny handful of players have locked down the product, so in reality my only options are paying overinflated prices to even remotely compete. Not doing that either. Again, my choice.
  7. I don't even want to think of the scalper price for these either. And these won't even have dice with them! well unless you get one of the cards in a pack.
  8. People aren't allowed to complain, share an opinion, etc. That's the takeaway I have been able to gleam since the announcement was made by FFG.
  9. If anything, you should see what's been happening with Star Wars: Destiny. Even the pre release kits are going to be uber limited.
  10. Wow. This was limited too? Yeesh. I am glad I am getting out. Stuff like this is just nonsense.
  11. What we have here in this thread is:
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