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  1. In "Ghaunts Ghosts" first novel, soldier Corbec is promoted to Coronel Corbec. http://es.warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Colm_Corbec
  2. Here you have another topic in the forum, were SgtLazarus developed a bunch of rules for playing with TAU: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/124570-the-greater-good-rules-for-the-fire-caste-and-auxiliary-forces/ You may even contact him for further info. He is quite an active user in the forums. EDIT: nevermind, I just read the thread and saw that you were actually involved in that project...
  3. Aside from the particular foes that they may face, have a bunch of different enviromental conditions or landscapes in which the encounter may happen: - speacial weather: rain, fog, night, daylight, snow, electric storm, ... - special landscape: bridge, canyon, forest, swamp, cave, ... - other special conditions: huge fire, place under mortar fire, place targeted for orbital bombardment, ... It would also be interesting to have other non-combat or special situations: - foes fighting another faction - trap - enemy watchers or spies - wounded enemies abandoned by their squad - wounded enemies abandoned by their squad and being attacked by some wild animals
  4. Sounds interesting! A good example of how a rule should create more story hooks and not make the game less fun.
  5. 1) Krak bombs. 2) Your players don't have to know what the Orks have in their arsenal or what can they do. 3) Force them to come out of the Chimera: the orks may have built a trap that immobilizes the vehicle, or the main gate may have to be opened from inside the refinery, or something like that. I played this scenario when the beta book appeared, and everyone was freaked out by the orks (remembering their first experience against them) and never realized that they were secure inside the Chimera...
  6. Thanks for redirecting me to this proposed rule, I had not seen it before. I like the way you adress suppressing fire, but I'm not really sure I would entirely remove dodge and parry skills: they are options that players can choose to specialize when spending experience points, and having them or not can help differenciate characters. Have you playtested this rules? When I find time, I will!
  7. Hi everyone! Last night I was watching Tropic Thunder (excellent movie, by the way) and the scene were *SPOILER* Osiris is disguised as a farmer and suddenly draws two M16 and starts shooting like a madman made me think of Only War and supressing fire. Again. That scene is a good example of how a big gun pointed towards you will supress you immediately, no matter were are you shooting at (or what are you shooting). In Only War, as a GM I've always been concerned about overusing supressing fire: I think it's a little bit overpowered, and can make a couple of gretchins to pin a full squad of guardsman for a bunch of (long) combat rounds. It's too easy to supress (automatic success) and it's very beneficial. Most of the enemies will be pinned almost automatically for at least one round. To go even further, I think that the combat rules are not reallistic at all, with regard to pinning: is there any psychological difference for the victim to be shot directly (burst) or to be supressed (random burst)? Would you be less scared of a full burst directed towards you? Even more, wouldn't it be scary to be shot directly? I think that a single shot that hits your shoulder would be scarier than a random burst... I think that the solution to this is to ignore the "supressing fire action" and to give normal shooting ations a chance to pin the target. Maybe something like: - full auto: pin test (0) - semi auto burst: pin test (+10) - single shot: pin test (+20) If the target is behind cover, the pinning test isn't necessary. If the target is behind cover but is hit, the pinning test applies If the target is not behind cover and is hit, add a -10 difficulty to the pinning test. This rule gives more "bite" to full auto weapons and makes fighters to use cover more efficiently and try to develop strategies to bring enemies out of cover. I wil be tweaking the difficulties of the pinning tests until I find something balanced.
  8. The only canon full auto las weapon is the multilaser, which is multibarrelled. I guess your las-submachinegun wouldn't handle well the rapid fire. I can envision this: - las carbine variant - compact modification - 3-shot burst mode (maybe give it a 4 or 5 or 6 burst mode...) - loses "reliable" if you give it a big burst mode. - variable setting (don't if you give it a big burst mode)
  9. Yeah, not that broken. You're talking about a very specialized and experienced warrior. Some kind of action-movie hero (think "the Expendables"). Remember that this same guardsman can hit the ground with a single multilaser burst.
  10. Has been discussed in other threads: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/93139-building-a-sergeant/ https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/84043-need-advice-making-sergeant/ https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/86243-making-an-optimal-sergeant/
  11. I think "Peer (Imperial Guard)" doesn't fit in a game where you play... the Imperial Guard! It must be something copy&pasted from Rogue Trader, Deathwatch or such. I wouldn't allow it. "Peer (Comissariat" or "Peer (Mechanicus)" makes more sense. "Peer (Ratlings)"... could be!
  12. 2 weeks ago you opened a thread expressing your concern about the lack of threads and ideas in the forum. Now you (and others) despise a 150-word post by a fellow forumite.
  13. I don't think FFG takes any input at all from the players in order to develop their products (sadly). On the other hand, I think this thread is quite interesting in thinking about things we (as fans) can develop to improve the GM kit. I will try to develop some expanded random encounter tables and some random enviroments/planets generators. Could be fun. What I can't think about, though, is the random mission generator. How could that work?
  14. I like the random table ideas. ¿Do you know similar (free) resources from other games where we can get ideas from? Random encounter generators for different enviroments sounds great to me, as random one-shot mission generators or some kind of randomizers for a campaign. I tend not to stick to these kind of tables, but they let you brainstorm ideas for an actual game.
  15. Just wanted to add that Aptitudes usually come from the speciality of the character and the regiment. They can't be bought with experience nor can be gained during gameplay (unless you change to an advanced speciality). Experience is gained after every mission. The GM decides how much experience you gain depending on what you did, how did you roleplay, if you accomplished the mission objectives, and so on. Each increase in a characteristic, a skill or a talent costs experience. There are some tables in the book, as ExoSaeptus explained, where you can see how much experience does an improvement cost, depending on the level of the improvement (Tier 1, Tier 2, ...) and if you have 0, 1 or 2 Aptitudes related to the characteristic/skill/talent you want to improve.
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