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  1. I think the Broken Egg stuff is gorgeous, but ultimately I think it's more fun to make my own stuff sometimes. Then again, the barrier for entry might be high if you've never used Photoshop or Illustrator before. I got my tokens made at ponoko.com and they were pretty cheap and easy - they only wanted an eps file to cut from.
  2. I think it's even thematically consistent - if you think of honor/dishonor as a relative measure of standing between clans and not absolute, then two people not exchanging honor for both bidding 5 in a duel makes sense. Both duelists are being dishonorable, but their mutual dishonor doesn't really push the overall conflict towards a conclusion. Bidding 1 in a duel means that the duelist is playing by the rules - even (and especially) when such restraint could get them killed. Bidding 5 means that the duelist is doing whatever they have to to win and it's really obvious. Think of it this way - being a better duelist is now in actually having a better stat, not in having bigger focus values. Only crappy duelists have to rely on the honor dial to bring them victory (or so say the Crane).
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