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  1. There’s definitely a space for a Dark Times, post-Order 66 era book that connects CotR with Dawn of Rebellion.
  2. I really, really hope that Gadgets and Gear isn't the last SWRPG book we see this year. Nothing else this year? Surely not.
  3. Asmodee just announced next week’s UK games releases. And CotR isn’t on it...
  4. So there’s only one SW product forthcoming, a compilation volume. Hopefully this doesn’t signal the end of the line. Can the folks who are contributors even acknowledge that they’ve worked on other (non-“second edition”) stuff conceivably in the pipeline?
  5. Will we get a full 6 trees for the Jedi career? Will there be an adventure book and / or supplement/s set in the Clone Wars era? Does the RotS and CotR bookending leave room for a specific post-Order 66 era guide, especially with Fallen Order coming at the end of the year?
  6. OK, so maybe Force Ghost is out then. But are they going to 'finish' the Jedi career this year or put out something else? Vehicles and Vessels perchance?
  7. I really, really hope they aren't holding this til Celebration in April.
  8. Maybe print bigger print runs to lower costs / sell more copies to customers?
  9. I'll pay an extra 15 dollars to have a book with the Jedi Knight talent tree in it last November.
  10. 5 dollars? Ummm, am I the only person who thinks '**** yeah'? That's the price of a beer. And beer doesn't have stat blocks.
  11. How much would be added to the cost of a SW book for it to be printed in the US and thus not vulnerable to the vicissitudes of long distance shipping?
  12. With LOT5R being the big October release, I suspect Rise of the Separatists will be November's and the Rokugan book December's.
  13. OK, so I have two accounts apparently. That's... frustrating. But on the plus side we're getting a book that reveals the Padawan and Jedi careers. Never thought I'd see the day.
  14. Indeed, though I suspect there are more Star Wars fans than LOTFR fans, excited as I am to see the latter game. ?
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