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  1. Yes, it’s great news. Given lead times on books though if he’s about to start working there then we won’t see any Star Wars RPG product for at least a year, if not longer. Assuming projects in development haven’t been ported over of course...
  2. The books I’ve found particularly useful as a GM have been those that had modular adventures in them - Suns of Fortune, Lords of Nal Hutta, Strongholds of Resistance and Nexus of Power.
  3. Indeed. I would say let's ask those people here we know work on SW stuff if that's so but... NDAs...
  4. That's a point. These aren't Edge boards. Does anyone from Edge ever look at these boards or are we just howling at the (Yavin) moon? Are any of our well-considered and heartfelt ideas going to see the light of day? Will the mechanics equipment book Faucets and Flanges (TM) get made or not?
  5. Yeah I know. Still, we got a Taika movie announcement, NG+ for Fallen Order and a great final CW episode.
  6. Any second now they'll take advantage of the biggest marketing focus on Star Wars in the year to announce a product in the pipeline. No business would ever want to miss this window of opportunity. Any second now.
  7. Exactly. How many GenCon modules have there been that are unpublished? And why limit access to that content to those who can afford to go to GenCon? Ok, convention exclusivity is a hook to go, but at least make the content generally available at a suitable period of time afterwards. It’s not like we’ve got SW modules coming out of our ears.
  8. They could announce something though, even if we won’t see it this year. Teasing the title of the Mandalorian book would be apt.
  9. Because the new kids are different? Because rebellions are built on hope?
  10. So... May 4th. I mean, if you did have something in the pipeline that’d be the day to release news, right? Or just do what was done for Lot5R the other day by giving away a free adventure pdf. (Is there a SW convention adventure that’s hitherto not been released?) Ignoring the biggest day of the year in the SW calendar... (again) feels like such a massive wasted opportunity.
  11. Absol, I’m assuming the statistics don’t account for pandemics...
  12. With the announcement of The High Republic it’s just a shame FFG weren’t invited into the group.
  13. So the enemy are called Nihil and the challenge for the writers was ‘what do the Jedi fear?’ With their nemeses named ‘nothing’ it couldn’t be a people immune to the Force could it?
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