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  1. I really, really hope they aren't holding this til Celebration in April.
  2. Maybe print bigger print runs to lower costs / sell more copies to customers?
  3. I'll pay an extra 15 dollars to have a book with the Jedi Knight talent tree in it last November.
  4. 5 dollars? Ummm, am I the only person who thinks '**** yeah'? That's the price of a beer. And beer doesn't have stat blocks.
  5. How much would be added to the cost of a SW book for it to be printed in the US and thus not vulnerable to the vicissitudes of long distance shipping?
  6. With LOT5R being the big October release, I suspect Rise of the Separatists will be November's and the Rokugan book December's.
  7. OK, so I have two accounts apparently. That's... frustrating. But on the plus side we're getting a book that reveals the Padawan and Jedi careers. Never thought I'd see the day.
  8. Indeed, though I suspect there are more Star Wars fans than LOTFR fans, excited as I am to see the latter game. ?
  9. True, but they announced Emerald Empire, a LOTFR Rokugan book...
  10. So despite there being no new SW RPG products on the horizon they used the biggest marketing stage of the year to reveal... no new SW RPG products?
  11. Without wishing to unduly reduce this book to a simple good/bad dichotomy, can I, on behalf of all the Brits who won't see this book for a while, ask if it is, in fact, any good? In particular, as I've been waiting for Juyo for some time, is the Juyo tree any good?
  12. I'd agree with you, but for the fact that Fully Operational will still not yet be on sale in the UK (and the rest of Europe?) next week, suggesting that FFG is printing a minimal amount of copies of its books. If you think it's frustrating waiting for SWRPG products in the US, you're at least front of the queue. Anyone outside the US appears to be getting the leftovers of copies unsold to American retailers, or waiting for reprints. I'm bewildered as to the business model here.
  13. Without wishing to get us into a Monty Python sketch you were lucky. You at least have the book. In the UK we just found out that it still won't be released here until after next week at the earliest, so whereas we used to get books the week after their US release we're now into 2-3 weeks + later. Making the delays with this product line even more frustrating. We dream of having Fully Operational...
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