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  1. It should be an easy fix as it seems the expansion stuff is only being used for possible units and not tile selection.
  2. The app looks good, seems pretty easy to use. What I would like to see, though, is an initial setup window that tells me every tile I'm going to need prior to the start of the mission. With the Descent app, it is nice to pull all the tiles and then just start playing. With the Imperial Assault app, I see moments where you open a door, and then you have to pause to find all the tiles that you need. I think that an initial tile list could speed up the game play a little.
  3. How are people handling assets earned through rewards? If I'm lead investigator and I get a reward, can I give it to someone else in the group who could use it more?
  4. I haven't seen it mentioned, but how many copies of the game should you purchase? With Game of Thrones and Netrunner, you needed multiple copies to have three of certain cards. Do we think this will be the case with Arkham?
  5. When you have multiple investigators that need to make a horror check from the same monster, are you doing one horror check and having each investigator make that roll/check, or are you doing separate checks from the app for each investigor? They way we read the rules, it sounds like each investigator make his own check.
  6. I think that they could've improved the miniatures, but feared making all the first edition owners mad. I might glue my bases as well. Putting the tokens inside the bases is almost meaningless in 2nd edition.
  7. The small bases for my 2nd ed game are so tight that I just leave the monster token out on the table. There's really no purpose to having the token in the mini base. If it's on the table, everyone ne has easy access to it and can read the stats and flavor text without moving the mini on the board. I prefer the cards for bad guys in Descent and Imperial Assault.
  8. Those monsters will double move when activated if one of the actions is for them to engage or spot. For instance, if they have the action "engage the nearest hero," then the monster will spend its movement trying to get close to engage. Since no one is around, then this action will happen again.
  9. My game proved If you don't get the surges to spend...all the pierce in the world isn't going to help you.
  10. So, you expanded the dragon in the heroes direction ? It's not a wise move . Second, you can put your heroes in any of the four squares in the the entrance tile at a beggining or quest transiction. If one of the heroes were placed in the position in front of the arrow for example, u could have easily moved diagonally. The last hero to go in the round moved to the quest marker, then performed the test to go to the next tile group. We set up the final tile layout and placed our figures. We then were told to place the dragon. We had no idea what was coming, so why would we set up our characters in a straight line? We ended that character's turn. Since the dragon didn't act yet, it was activated with the actions to engage the closest hero and attack. So the dragon moved twice and then was activated again. So before we did anything...there it was, right on top of us.
  11. Anyone find this quest a little annoying? In a 2 character game, we entered the final area and spawned the dragon. The dragon then activated, making a double move towards us. We were pinned in the starting tile, meaning all our attacks had to have a surge to do damage an no other spawns in the area could attack us. It resulted in a 30+ minute fight where we either kept missing or only did 1-2 damage. Eventually we got knocked out and lost the quest. I get that it was supposed to be an epic dragon fight, but with just constantly rolling dice for a best result to do little damage, mitigating damage on us, we were really bored. I thought maybe we did something wrong, but we felt we couldn't pass through the monster's occupied spaces.
  12. While I understand the tactical reason for the rule, I think it takes away from some of the fun. Who doesn't love doing a whirlwind attack and taking out a bunch of guys? I think, though, if you put all the damage on the master and half the damage on the minions...you'll still drop a lot of minions.
  13. Awesome, thanks for the clarification. We must've read pg 6 a bunch of times but couldn't come to a decision about what respecting group limits meant in terms of the number of miniatures on the board. I wish that they would've made that a little clearer. It's nice to know that we were actually making things harder than it should've been...but we still survived.
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