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  1. Your IG have some pop! I like the red that you used on it. Mine are still in the process of the final touches, once I finish all my mini's. My first time painting miniatures and I do enjoy it...
  2. Wow, fantastic! They look great and I hope when mine are all done that they will look half decent... lol
  3. I become more pumped in painting whenever I listen to SW sound tracks or put in the movies and just listen to the dialogs. Helps me focus and paint with a clear head. As most have mentioned, do the easier miniatures first (the characters that have two tone colors or mono) then work your way up. You can always leave the shading, detailing and finishes until everything is done...
  4. Beautiful! I was inspired to start painting mine as well. I use Vallejo paints, which work well as well. It becomes really fun when you really dive deep into it and blast some Star Wars music while painting. I prefer not to start playing this game until all figs are done with paint.
  5. All the B&N are wiped out here... Someone on these boards made a killing down here in O.C. CA!
  6. You really only need one TIE Advanced. I feel sorry for those who really invested more than two... Vadar is the only pilot you need for that ship and a swarm!
  7. Hey all! Finally was able to start the CR90 mission with my buddy this past weekend. Learned a great deal about how the huge ships work and that particular missions can be challenging and rewarding. We haven't dived into all the expansion missions yet, but we hope to very soon! So, which missions do you all enjoy the most or think is the most accurate? Let's keep this fun and clean. Thanks!
  8. Awesome! These pilots and upgrades even the playing field...
  9. Try searching for business card binders. Staples and Amazon have them in-stock.
  10. I myself think that owning many X-Wings and T.I.E. Fighters is ok. Trying to reflect what the movies depicted is my motto.
  11. My goodness! That is impressive, just like the destruction of the Death Star!
  12. Tomorrow! Stars Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Regional Tournament
  13. Sweet! Looking forward to this weeks tournment. Does the 100 pt Kessel Run Tournament have special rules? Is there .pdf tounament sheet to look at?
  14. I still need to buy Wave 2 stuff! So much to buy, so little time…
  15. If you have a plan then time spent on your turn can be quick, but since random acts and other strategies need to change on the fly, it can delay it a bit. Playing with a group that already knows what they are doing will speed things up drastically. New players will be overwhelmed, but that is the nature of the game.
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