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  1. Hi guys excuse my english. I have a doubt When a Shadow card force heroes to discard down to five cards, ¿where this cards should be placed? 1) ¿in some of 3 pools (if is this case what should be the pool) ? or maybe 2) ¿ discard the cards for the rest of game (meaning this is remove permanent life of the heroesfor the rest of game) ? Thankyou
  2. Yes, you are right. The sentece in the guide "as well as any terror effects on the current Mythos card" creates a bit of confussion i think. I have the doubt solved. Thanks.
  3. I suppose the terror effects on the Mithos cards are the effects listed on the top-half of the card. But im not sure…….
  4. Dam said: Are there any Mythos card where the added Terror effect is in the top-half (instant)? Can't recall seeing one, I think as lingering effects Terror effects are listed in the bottom-half, but regardless, you'll only do whichever half has the Terror effect listed. Thanks again but i dont see any terror effect on the cards (at least in the spanish version), in the top-half or bottom-half there are listed some effects but none is preceded with the word key "terror effect" as it happens with the quest cards.
  5. Dam said: Yes, Terror from Mythos still triggers. Thanks for your answer, another question more. ¿What effects should be applied? ¿both effects thoght midnight has not arrived? ¿or only the instant effect? Thanks again.
  6. Hello, sorry for my english, is not my natural language. I have a big doubt, in the rules "If the player fails to complete a task and at least one of the rolled dice shows a terror result, he resolves all terror effects on the Adventure card, as well as any terror effects on the current Mythos card" If the quest doesn't have terror effects, ¿should i solve the terror effects of the Mythos Card? I think the sentence is not clear about this. Thanks.
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