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  1. have not been able too, dunno whats in the box, but does it encourage some people to buy up two copies? is this why i cant get it in central Can?
  2. Did you really edit your post to say that after I quoted you to correct you? That's a bit odd. you quoted me at 5:52, i edited my post at 5:44,.......3 mins after my original post, looks like i edited my post for clarification and posted while you were making a post to correct me, you just hit refresh all day? looks like your odd lol looks like i cant rove it know because i cant use forums very well, oh well, it happened that way made a post above messed up the quote, tried to erase it, couldn't, so edited it to make a blank post, edited my original post instead? lol
  3. yea, you can(as long as the ruls on the act/agenda card allow it) not 3a, though page3 "the act deck advances if the investigators as a group spend the requisite number of clues(as indicated by the act card). An act card may indicate a flat value, or a per investigator value. This is normally done as a (lightning bolt, free action) player ability." so there you go, you can use clues on an act as a free ability(you don't have to spend them, you can keep them....unless the act card specificly says you must spend it lol) agendas advance as soon as the requisite doom is available. so you need to do it during 2a go get that point;)
  4. im am using Agnes, i cant investigate, or fight a **** thing(if i draw the right cards i can evade ok, and practically auto win any will test, why there are so many cards in the per-contructed deck that give +willpower is puzzling.....have to play it a few times, maybe im getting unlucky draws seems to me she might be more efficient in a higher difficulty with another character?
  5. ha, ya that lita only wanted to stop this whole thing, but investigaters always foiling her plans and throwing her under the bus loll
  6. if i use a skill card like deduction #39, do i get +1 lore as well as the effects of the card? i know this does not apply to other cards (items and such) but kinda is foggy for me with skill cards right now i am assuming i choose either +1 to lore or the effect; (additional clue found if skill test passed) during the window
  7. this is the silliest discussion i have ever seen, if you cant figure out how to pull tokens from a bag or cup/bowl/ tupperware with a hole just a little larger than the token put lid on and shake til one pops out, what the hell is the rest of your life like? omg hahaha
  8. try infinity wars on steam as well, ftp, satisfying deep game play kicks hearthstones ass, simultaneous turns and fully animated cards, sweet ass lore use HDDM9I during account creation for free pack, if you do http://store.steampowered.com/app/257730/
  9. thank you, you glorious nerds. great game
  10. im stoked, have all day with nothing to do, going to get a bottle of liquor(to help battle the madness) and play all frigging night
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