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  1. I LOVE flying Mandalorian Mercenary's in EPIC games, Push the limit, K4 security droid, Engine upgrade and preferably an Heavy lasercannon on em too costly to fly in the 'normal' (lame ) 100point games, but real fun in EPIC's as second wave/ flanking mobbing they have such a fun action economy and hit hard, to bad you only get cards for one in the Most wanted box, need to score myself another one, maybe a third...
  2. Hmm I'd want to help design a new ship I want a FFG Nebulan B frigate or a Pelta-class frigate for uber EPIC play!! Or that uber cool little YV-560 light freighter from the explorers sourcebook, that thing looks awesome Or failing that finaly getting an OBi-Wan Kenobi crew card
  3. I skipped breakfast this morning. I was going to have some toast, but then realized that the "toaster over" that we have doesn't really make toast all that quickly. So I ended up getting a donut on the way to work. Mmmm.. sugary carbs! How was your tea? The toaster in one of our offices has a sign on it asking people not to tip it on it's side and toast cheese in it. Can you believe people need warning not to do that? Hmm, what kind of distances did said toaster get while ejecting the breadprojectiles? Did different kinds of bread and/or cheese seemed important? Now I want to try that out...
  4. Hmm, that is one sweet looking cruiser, and if we would get a Rebel Pelta-class I'd be extatic! that ship looked so awesome in that show.... (even if it got onehanded by Vader...)
  5. After seeing first episode of Rebels second season, I kinda want a Pelta-class frigate for my Rebel fleet as a command ship...
  6. yeah me too, ****... one day Iam sure... though some guys at my local group actually IS crazy enough to buy one, he says.... next year.... I have some interesting idea's for rules in our EPIC games for it, must say those bases are really nicely done aswel
  7. Give me my K-wings already damnit!!!! Or tell me what those Twin lasercannon turrets do!!! Or how Bossk launches his pup fighter!! Pretty pelase let the Raider be here in time for our next bi-monthly EPIC, I want to build an Ionvette!!
  8. We just use the standard 8 by 4 foot tables at the gamestore and at home, the standard plywood (or however that translates into english) boards you get fro DIY-stores
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5drjr9PmTMA Sooooonnnn......
  10. That Hound's Tooth looks nice, though it does seem a bit on the small side, wasn't that thing suposed to be 60 metres or so? It had a small docking bay for Bossk's personal Z95 in the back right? I actually like the K-wing, not sure about the other two, but maybe with 4 pods the Punnisher has someone who can fire 2 ordnance a turn? Looking forward to these things very much
  11. OMG he means we are getting Tractorbeams!!!!! (or not, Iam just making stuff up here )
  12. I used the 7 Z's with dead man's switch in a huge 750ptn's epic game yesterday, that was fun! due to time restraints we had to stop before we concluded the game, but in the end only one exploded and damaged on of my partner in crime's IG-2000, but that is irrelevant.... I had about 5 of em buzzing around the Rebel's unshielded CR90, he wasn't to keen to target those... Scum of the match was one plucky Z pirate suicidal zoom right up to the CR90 and chewie and leebo grinning madly, ready to blow up when... he blocked Chewie and Leebo and watched as 150 metres of Rebel Corvette plowed those two unhurt ships into space debris,... leaving the pirate with a dead wish staring a bit unfullfilled at the sapctacle right infront of the 'vette.... It was awesome fun game
  13. Hmm... again with this Ordinance-thingy...
  14. I did pretty good with my version that I came up with at a local 10 men trouney: Chewie: MF+Draw their fire+gunner+ C3PO Leebo: Determination+Outrider+Mangler cannon+recon specialist makes 99ptns It was great fun and did some niceformation flying with it, being able to draw off a critt now and then to the critt-imune chewie helps to spread out the damage over both ships If I didn't fudged up my dials at the start of the fourth round (was gettign really tired and didn't payed much atention by then) I think I could've made second place easily... Though auto-thrusters weren't out then...
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