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  1. Crouton

    Worst Objective Set?

    I haven't seen anything worse than this one. Asteroid Pursuit is pretty bad too for DS, but at least I can sort of see some synergy with Family Connections.
  2. The main set I want is a Scum affiliation set with Max Rebo, Sy Snootles, and Droopy McCool.
  3. Crouton

    Players in Croatia ...

    I'm not in Croatia, but if you ever feel like hopping a train to Beograd, we'll be starting up an AGoT League in April.
  4. Crouton

    Unofficial Card Lists

    I keep a similar updated list of objectives, from all the revealed and previewed sets, using Google Docs. Feel free to use it if you want. It can be found here.
  5. Are you sure it's actually in the next pack? I would think that 4-LOM would be a Scum and Villainy card. According to the product preview we know there are 5 sets and those are Jedi, Rebel, Spies and Smugglers, Sith, and Imperial: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=175&esem=2&esum=240 I bet 4-LOM is going to be the main character for the Scum set in Lure of the Darkside.
  6. Crouton

    Balance of the Force

    And we're not sure if they'll be worth playing in 1v1 scenarios. While still being legal, the spoiled cards so far seem to be geared to benefit the 2v2 matches. The Emperor's Hand and Mara Jade for sure are built for 2v2, as well as the Supporting Fire fate card
  7. An AT-AT strikes against a Hoth objective, but uses its ability to remove the Subzero Defenses enhancement instead of getting the icons. Is the AT-AT still destroyed?
  8. Crouton

    Upcoming Sets - What We Know (file)

    Yeah, it's just my take. I think that all the challenge decks are made up of Rebel and Navy, so I figure that everything else is fair game. But that could be a wrong assumption. I admit that the Scum card seems high, but it looks like you might capture at least 2 characters, with the possibility of some other ability too, for the cost of Captured x2. Seems like it could be a possibility.
  9. Crouton

    Upcoming Sets - What We Know (file)

    I had made something similar. You are free to use mine... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al5Ht4WTayl7dGpmY2RuZnA3cHFUaWVfbmpwbERSd0E#gid=0
  10. Crouton

    favorite card combos

    I've been having fun with Lando and Subzero Defenses in a mosty Hoth deck. With Lando's tactics icon and his ability, the DS just gets scared out of attacking a Hoth objective.
  11. This came up in a game today and both my opponent and I were stumped about whether or not it was legal. Scenario: Sleuth Scout engages an objective alone (steps 1 and 2 for resolving an engagement). The DS has no units 2 or less to defend with and so passes (step 3). Then after he declares no defenders, the DS then uses an action in one of the action windows after step 3 to drop Backstabber (cost 3) into the battle to defend. Legal or no? Sleuth Scout's text reads: "While this unit is attacking alone, enemy units with printed cost 3 or higher cannot be declared as defenders." The argument for yes is that Sleuth Scout's ability only applies during engagement step 3 (Declare Defenders). Therefore units like Backstabber and Human Replica Droid, which come in after step 3, are allowed to engage Sleuth Scout. The argument for no is that only units with a cost of 2 and less can defend against these units. Since Backstabber and HRD cost 3, they can not legally enter the battle because they cost too much. I think yes, it's legal.
  12. Crouton

    Major units we're still missing

    Well besides the ones already mentioned, big ones we're still missing (in my mind): - B-Wing - General Madine - Ponda Baba - Dr. Evazan - Dewbacks - dianoga (trash compactor monster) - Speeder bikes - Twin-Pod cloud car - Admiral Piett - Space slug - Cantina Band
  13. My thinking centered around what the FAQ said on moving damage. From the FAQ, it says under Moving Damage: "Moving damage isn't the same as dealing damage. However, the unit that receives the moved damage is still considered to have been 'damaged.'" Therefore, guardians can still use their shield to absorb the damage. So...moving a captured card isn't the same as capturing a card. However, the objective that receives the moved card is still considered to have "captured" it. Again, I'd love to have an official ruling on this.
  14. 1. If I move a captured card with Carbonite Transport's ability to Hunt for Han Solo, does Hunt's ability trigger? Right now, I lean yes. 2. A Hero's Journey is damaged by 1--->Moisture farmer protects--->Guardian of Peace protects Moisture farmer (or Wookie protects if Life Debt is in play). Is this play legal? Again, I lean yes. 3. Does Across the Jundland Waste stack if you have 2 in play. So a unit striking would have to place 3 focus tokens (1 for the strike and 2 for 2x Jundalnd Waste)? I'm 99% yes, but there is still a lingering 1% doubt. Thanks