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  1. Pg 14 from FAQ says: Stay on Target Even if the chosen maneuver is changed by an ability such as Navigator, the maneuver that the ship executes is always a red maneuver
  2. There was a group from Murfreesboro(?), they were on Facebook. there is also a good(small) group it Kingsport. I don't know where they play in Murfreesboro, but they play at Dewaynes World Comics and Games in Kingsport. Hope this helps.
  3. Wow, Well I am/was the TO for this event. We had 26 entrants (which means that 4 rounds swiss cut to top 8 was FFG legal) from 3 states (7 cities/areas), would've been 4 but one guy got delayed and missed out. We started registration at 0900, paired off around 0937, and time started at 0945-1045 rd.1, rd.2 went from 1105-1205, rd. 3 went from 1225-1325. Lunch until 1410. Paired off, and time started again at 1420-1520. Then we made the cut, got them paired up and time started at 1535-1645, semi-finals began at 1705-1805, (both matches were over in around 40 min) so we started the final at 1800, and I told both players we would play for as long as we could (No time limit on the finals, but still had to leave at 1930 store close). The game went until around 1917hrs (if it would have ended in 60 mins. player B would have won, but because we were playing "until", the other player fought back and won it.). A few thoughts/ suggestions/ replys: ***This is a Store Championship, and as I want as many as we can squeeze in the store, I also have the thought that it should be someone "from" the store/area who wins it. That is why next year, we will cap the event (probably at 26-32players), and post it in the store only' for the first week. Then I will post it to the facebook page, and other facebook pages in the area to fill out the remaining spots. I travel a bit to other areas for competitions too, and know that I "brought this upon myself" for recruiting from other areas, but I think this will at least put my mind at ease about that part. This also goes for the time. Most of our tournaments start at 1100, but this one we had to start early, as there was no one to stay late. Usually one of the guys from the store, will clear his schedule a bit, and stay open a "little" latter. They could not do that this time, so WE could not do that this time. ***As a player there are thing that you can do to make my job easier in the future: * At the beginning of the tourney, turn in your squad list, receive whatever papers I need to give to you, then go and assemble your squadrons with every thing you need to play. * When I pair you off, find a table, swap list, determine who has initiative, set up asteroids, set up ships. After that you can discuss anything else you want. (movie trailers, ship builds, the smell of that one guy....whatever you want) * At the end of the match, the winner should turn in his match report sheet, then both players should clean up your table, have everything ready to move. Then, if there is time left , you can walk around to other tables, or anything else you want to do. * During this time I will be entering in the data from said sheets, and getting the pairings from the next round, and announcing those pairings. ***Note that in the above description it says that "time started" not "the round began". As the TO, I yelled out the pairings, let them get to a table, and gave them 7 or so minutes to "set up". I would also give a "two-minute " warning saying that time was about to start. Then I would tell them "x-wingers, you have one hour, Begin". I can't/won't give you all the time in the world to set up, if there is a situation bring it to my attention (stalling, broken parts, ect. then we will deal with it.). All in all, I think everyone had a good/fun time, and after all isn't that what we are really playing for.
  4. should've named it the "Reaper", instead of the "Raider"
  5. There is a facebook group: North Georgia X-wing minis, they are all around the Atlanta area, they could direct you further to find the guys in your neck of the woods. there is also a x-wing group in Columbus (Moxie, I think ?), but that is a little farther down the road for you.
  6. We have a group: "upstate south carolina x-wing alliance" on facebook. both of you should join, so that you can share your tournaments, and know when one of the other stores are having them. We are connected with Kingsport, TN; Atlanta, GA; Ashville/Charlotte, NC; but mostly cover Anderson, Greenville, Spartunburg, and a little bit of Columbia for SC. We have a few folks who travel, so let us know. Love to meet new people and share ideas on the game.
  7. thanks, was looking up in the errata part, and the rules update, never thought to look at the actual questions of the FAQ...
  8. So let me ask this: Can you decloak off of the board,( I think you can) and if so; do you then do your maneuver, and hopefully get back on to the playing surface?
  9. Trolls will be trolls. If you are leaving the forums then, O.K. I get it. If you are leaving the GAME, ....then the terrorist... I mean trolls win. The best way to cultivate a good gaming community is on the local level. You know most of the gamers at your local shop, the good the bad and the trolls. You have the option to play someone. Don't play with trolls, get others to not play with trolls. Let the trolls know that its not about winning/losing, it's about playing an enjoyable game with a fellow human. Then every once in a while, give that person another chance. Be the GOOD guy, help the other players out to play better/smarter. It helps the community. We've done this with a lot of our games at our local store. Trolls, Bullies, Power gamers, ect. can't get an opponent for casual games. Then they aren't as practiced/good in the tournaments. Eventually they ask "why wont anyone play with me?", Then let them know, that certain type of gamers are not welcome. Who knows, maybe that big scary troll turns out to be a "Shrek".
  10. You are not being a jerk by telling them the rules, You could be a jerk in the "way" you tell them the rules. We have our regular players, and a bunch of newbies, so telling one group has to be different than the other group (regulars should know better). That being said, I also have to tell different regulars differently, one may take it as a observation, one may take it as an insult, and one may start trying to find you doing something "off" just so they can call you out on it. Be respectful. Be factual. Also, a good way to avoid it is to tell them up front, that you want to play a "casual" game to a "tournament" standards of the rules. Inform them that certain things are O.K. for a casual game: learning a new list, new ships, or playing with different folks that you normally don't get to play (out of towners, married folk, ect.). Also let them know that certain actions are not allowed in tournament, or competitive play: choosing a barrel-roll, and then measuring off all sides to see which gives the best advantage. Now as far as looking at your dial before decloaking, that IS allowed. Pg. 6 in the rulebook states that " a player may look at his own facedown maneuver dials at any time, ...". Then on the decloak card, it states that " a ship may spend a cloak token to decloak immediately before revealing its maneuver dial.". So as long as they don't show it to you , they may look at it, decloak, do the decloak maneuver, then reveal, then do their normal maneuver.
  11. Also, try stopping by you local store(s), and watch a round or two from people who play more than you. At our first tournament (two years or so ago), we played 75 min rounds, and nearly every game went to time. Now we play 60 min/ 100 pt. games, and usually finish with time to spare. Or if you don't have a Local store, check out Youtube. There are a lot of good battle reports for x-wing there. Everybody plays a little different, but if you see something that works...use it. Be it Tactics in flying, sportsmanship, or organization/ speed of play.
  12. So here is the set up. Rookie pilot, Dutch, and Wedge are in a line (in that order). Rookie moves, does a Focus action. Dutch moves, takes target lock, and gives the ability to take a target lock to Wedge. Wedge is out of range of his first choice (shuttle, just outside range 3). Does Wedge HAVE to take a target lock on another ship in range (TIE fighter coming in from behind, Rng2) OR Can Dutch decide to give his ability to the Rookie instead? We allowed Dutch to give it to the Rookie, because it would be similar to doing a boost action to the left, and finding that that would place your ship on an obstacle, then being able to do any other action in your action bar. Hope we got it right.
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