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  1. It's been part of the spoilers for a long time so it's probably legit. He also has Rey's staff on his shoulder Also John Boyega indirectly confirmed the leak when he was asked about his Han pants
  2. The FFG France indicates that Chewie and the Wookies are coming out next week. http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr/prochainement
  3. My FLGS in Canada received all 3 conversion kits and extensions. He even received more than he preordered.
  4. Apologies if this was asked already but I couldn't find the answer. With the release of 2.0, do we need to buy 2 starters or will just 1 be enough for the cards and pilots?
  5. I think everything you mentioned is pushed by a month. We get the priorities supplies in July, Han and Commandos in August, Boba and Scout in Sept, etc.
  6. So now we get only 4 minis instead of 6 for the same price ?!?
  7. According to FFG France, the set comes out tomorrow. http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr/prochainement
  8. According to FFG France tweet, Wave XII is available in stores. https://twitter.com/FFG_France/status/936581686028062720
  9. Asmodee Canada are the worse. They don't ship items on time and they raised the minimum selling price for LGS on all FFG products.
  10. It's released last week. Same time as EaW. Got a copy at the same time I bought my 2 EaW booster boxes
  11. Sorry for the late reply... I have a generic Armory Clear Matte Sealer. It usually works great but came out really wrong on Chewie. Might not have shaken the can long enough...
  12. Bought a box and got; Bowcaster Obi wan Quadjumper IG-88 Riot Baton Maz's Goggles hesitating to buy a second box...
  13. Here are my paintings based on Sorastro's amazing painting guides. I don't know why my Chewbacca came out so glossy. I'm using matte varnish... pretty weird
  14. I can confirm that north of the border, my FLGS got his booster boxes and starters. Bought a box of boosters yesterday.
  15. My FLGS received his second wave of boosters and starters this week with another wave hitting next week so there doesn't seem to be a shortage anymore.
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