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  1. Legacies ETA?

    According to FFG France, the set comes out tomorrow.
  2. According to FFG France tweet, Wave XII is available in stores.
  3. New Product! Official FFG Dice Binders.

    Asmodee Canada are the worse. They don't ship items on time and they raised the minimum selling price for LGS on all FFG products.
  4. FFG Canadian Nationals Weekend September 22-24

    It's released last week. Same time as EaW. Got a copy at the same time I bought my 2 EaW booster boxes
  5. Sorry for the late reply... I have a generic Armory Clear Matte Sealer. It usually works great but came out really wrong on Chewie. Might not have shaken the can long enough...
  6. Day One Legendary Pulls

    Bought a box and got; Bowcaster Obi wan Quadjumper IG-88 Riot Baton Maz's Goggles hesitating to buy a second box...
  7. Here are my paintings based on Sorastro's amazing painting guides. I don't know why my Chewbacca came out so glossy. I'm using matte varnish... pretty weird
  8. Only starters shipping on the 15th?

    I can confirm that north of the border, my FLGS got his booster boxes and starters. Bought a box of boosters yesterday.
  9. Only starters shipping on the 15th?

    My FLGS received his second wave of boosters and starters this week with another wave hitting next week so there doesn't seem to be a shortage anymore.
  10. Where? Who is buying singles? eBay...
  11. Places to trade online?

    I would put in on this board. When Wizards had the license, people would post trading post on their forum. Don't see why we can't do the same here.
  12. Good thing i preordered at my FLGS because they didn't have stuck for those who didn't preordered. They were out already.
  13. I bought 1 booster box and got 6 legendary; Vader, Luke, AT-ST, Poe, Black Squadron, Kylo's Lightsaber. Weird fact, I was opening my boosters taking one by one from the booster box and got the 6 legendary in the first 7 boosters I opened so they don't seemed to be spread out in the booster box.
  14. Day 1 Cards

    I got both boosters since my daughter was with me. Out of 12 boosters, only 1 legendary; Poe Dameron
  15. The Force Awakens [SPOILER WARNING!]

    Can you go more into this? Because I'm pretty convinced by the movie that she's Luke's daughter. I'd love to heard more about this alternative. Well from the novel and movie 1. If it was Luke's daughter, there's little reason for him not to have taken her with him on his search or left her in the care of someone like Leia. 2. None of Luke's friends mention a daughter as a reason for him leaving. It all had to do with the Jedi Temple Massacre, Kylo, and Snoke's betrayal. 3. Leia, Han, Chewie, and other don't know who Rey is. 4. Assuming the people who had the map were Rey's guardians, it looks like they were entrusted with a piece of the map in order to find Luke if they needed too as opposed to Luke was ever planning to come back. 5. Also there's zero evidence that Luke ever checked back on Rey. In fact, it looks like no one ever checked back on her. 6. The novel makes it clear that Rey is really powerful with the force. Kylo Ren seems to be around Vader level power, but Rey untrained is more powerful than Kylo Ren. Arguably she's likely more powerful than Luke as well. 7. Somehow both Kylo Ren and Snoke have an idea of who she could be, and based on how powerful Rey turns out to be it's confirmed for Kylo Ren that it's her. Neither ever mention that she is the daughter of Skywalker, but both of them really want to capture Rey alive. 8. Some kind of event that Leia and Han aren't aware of seem to have cause the whole massacre at the Jedi Temple. I'm reading between the lines a bit, but by the timeline of the novel Rey's abandonment on Jakku happened around the time of the Jedi Temple Massacre and Luke's exile. Up until that point Snoke and Luke were friends and collaborators, then all hell broke loose for some reason... very likely that reason was Rey. 9. Luke doesn't appear to be happy at all in the movie and particularly in the novel when Rey comes to see him. Thank you! I'll have to pick up the novelization. Just to be clear, this is from the novel Aftermath? It's rated quite "meh" according to Amazon. I'm wondering if that's just nerdrage, fanboyism, or just writing. It's the actual novelization of The Force Awakens. It's currently available in ebook and audio book format.