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  1. Teasing a new podcast

    I really enjoyed it, especially the interview style to describe Genesys to a "newbie" Looking forward to the next episode!
  2. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    And I will be highly interested in the stats of really big creatures like dragons. The rest of the book should be setting agnostic and thus very helpful.
  3. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    But if I read this teaser article correctly this chapter will also include species and subspecies. Could work very nicely as examples for any other fantasy setting.
  4. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    My hope is an elaborate magic system which can be used in other settings as well including a ton of magic related talents. To me it's the single most important aspect for any setting. Everything else is quite nicely covered by the CRB.
  5. Loved it! Looking forward to the next episode!
  6. Yikes, an impulsive attitude with a very dangerous touch!
  7. Got me! First I love the the idea of three separate skills for Alter, Influence and Sense and I love the idea of decoupling the skills from attributes. 2 Strain per use according to magic rules. About targeting an unwilling target with Influence an opposing skill check using discipline as as you mentioned instead of using set back dice might be an additional approach. If the force rating/defence is really necessary I am not sure. One has to do some playtesting. I love the example force power. Eagerly looking forward how you develope Force with Genisys!
  8. Player Locator

    North America Canada — Kamloops, BC — eowarion USA — Little Rock, AR — Kaosoe USA — Dunnellon, FL — ESP77 USA — Wichita, KS — Simon Retold USA — St. Louis, MO — Gilbur USA — Cleveland, OH — c__beck USA — Darlington, SC — Kakita Shijin USA — San Antonio, Tx — ArtWend (CST, UTC-0600) USA — Orem, UT — SwivelDiscourse USA — Poulsbo, WA— Lyinggod USA — Seattle, WA — Noldorian Europe CET (GMT + 1 November - March, GMT + 2 April - October) Austria — Vienna — Klort Germany — Stuttgart — Siabrac Germany — Munich — JohnChildermass Germany — Düsseldorf — DarthDude Norway — Oslo region — Morridini Oceania Australia - Sydney, NSW (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April) - endersai Australia — Geelong, Vic (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April)— Richardbuxton Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April)— RagingJim
  9. Magic as Force substitute

    As I really love this block building approach of spells in Genesys, I ask myself if it would be a better approach to the force in Star Wars as well. Any ideas on that?
  10. Teasing a new podcast

    Happy new year Now you got only 2 days!
  11. Teasing a new podcast

    Make it the first week of 2018
  12. Supplements?

    Great idea. It should include creation related talents as well. And a Magic/Powers splat book comes to my mind as well (including talents of course).
  13. FAQ

    Answer: A lot of that is left up to common sense. If two opponents are standing right next to each other, then they are both at engaged range from each other. If you engage one, you would engage them both. (There could be some exceptions to this, such as if your GM has one opponent protecting the other, and that opponent interposes themself between your character and the second opponent. In that case, your GM may rule you cannot engage the second character without dealing with the first one. In these cases, common sense and the ongoing narrative would dictate the relative positioning of the characters). In the case of Blast, it is up to your GM as to whether opponents are standing close enough together to count as engaged with each other. As described on page 106, engaged characters are roughly close enough that they could reach out and touch each other, so are within a few feet of one another.
  14. The Dice Pool Podcast - Ask us your rule questions.

    Another question regarding engaging. Do I have to attack every opponent seperately, even if they stand next to each other and I face both directly (both in reach of melee attacks)? And yet again, a awsome podcast! =)
  15. How do you disengage yourself from melee combat ?

    Just a basic question about engaging. Can I only engage one single opponent or could I engage multiple opponents with one maneuver if they stand next to each other?