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  1. A shame that they are not a brick and mortar publisher.
  2. Everytime someone mentions Mass Effect as an official setting I start to weep.
  3. Well, I feel certainly aroused
  4. yeah, it rather feels like a personal fancy hobby project marketing wise somebody did in his past time
  5. FFG has a warehouse in Germany. With some luck we won't be much behind the US release date in 11/30/2017.
  6. Yikes and double yikes! According to FantasyWelt.de the estimated delivery is in December. But what shocks me most ist the price tag FantasyWelt sells the book for 37,05, shipping included. Sphaerenmeister for 39,95, also shipping included.
  7. Regarding german onlineshops take a look at: https://www.fantasywelt.de/navi.php?jtl_token=9203037b0c5fdbc919e7c72bee3960e9&suchausdruck=genesys They also deliver to every european country. Shipping to Poland would cost 12,95€, if I am correct ( https://www.fantasywelt.de/Versandkosten ). It's funny Amazon Germany still has not listed them for preorder.
  8. I must give credits to FFG, the time from in printing to shipping now has been quite short! Sam Stewart, give us some fodder for Genesys!
  9. You...mean...we may hold it in our hands by the end of...November?
  10. They call them Storypoints if my memory don't deceives me.
  11. On Chrome or Crom?
  12. Itching to realize Power Rangers with Genesys. My son is Power Rangers fan but not much into fantasy. So hopefully Power Rangers will be his entry into the RP hobby.
  13. Looking forward to your conversion you will surely share