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  1. If you're overseas you have to rely on Amazon and/or local Flagshipstores. Once I ordered a book (Age of Rebellion), the shipping was more expensive than the book, and it got lost, then reapeared at the customs. I contacted them, they told me I had to contact the sender (FFG). The sender told me they cannot do anything and it was sent back to the US (same story when the shipment became lost, I was directed at the postal service, which directed me to FFG, which did...nothing). 50$ for the trash can. Preordering directly from FFG might be a valid option for americans but for everybody else it is ****, never ever again. Usually amazon here delivers faster than the publishers, so it's okay to wait until I can pre-order it from there^^
  2. Have to wait until amazon and/or flagstores over here offer Genesys^^
  3. I'm already thinking about usuing Genesys for Mass Effect where biotic powers are a vital part. Take the pull power for example, you can lift every enemy without a personal shield generator in the air, there is no way to resist. Such effects could hardly be utilized with any existing mechanic in SW as far as I remember.
  4. I wonder how Genesys will handle lethal supernatural powers like turning flesh to stone in case of a Medusa/Basilisk or the Domination by a Vampire. Are there similar powers in Star Wars so far, were one single attack might prove that lethal? Did something similar occur in the GenCon Runebound adventure?
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ and https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/genesys/products/genesys-core-rulebook/
  6. Actually the setting is an awesome RP setting, I played the D20 version a couple of years ago and it was a blast.
  7. Did somebody mention Alien? And generally historical settings, like the ancient times, american civil war and the like. Regarding such settings I am curious if there is a mass combat system for the narrative dice system?
  8. well, that should be worth another article by FFG the one about talents as they announced.
  9. I'd love to use Genesys for that setting as well, if you made something up mind to share?
  10. Actually such a spell could work with appling weapon qualities to melee combat quite nicely. And additional/alternative effects could be purchased with advantages or more strain. Just an assumption though, I never playtested, just deducting from the published runebound chars from GenCon.
  11. Infinity looks very crunchy, at least as crunchy as Conan but very fitting for a scifi setting. The current 2D20 versions I know, MC3, Conan, Infinity lack the typical high fantasy magic like D&D offers. Sorcery in Conan is intruiging but very restricted because Hyboria is rather a low magic setting. I hope the manufacturing of spells in Genesys will be handled like item/weapon qualities in EoeT. At least it looked like regarding the Runebound chars.
  12. I was not aware of this (it's some time since I played EotE), the only scaling I remember is the difference between star ships and human size, 10 times the weapon damage and 10 times the armor strength. A more refined scaling would be great, like human sized vs ogres, human sized vs giants, etc. If this already exists, in which SW books can I find these infos?
  13. Both are pretty similar to me, 2D20 Momentum is handled by Advantages in narative dice system. I hope the handling of talents in Genesys will be close to 2D20 (skill related little talent trees) and not like the static specialization trees of EotE. If this is the case, Genesys could be the perfect blend of the best from 2D20 and narrative dice, a dream come true.
  14. EotE combat can be very tactical, and the chars tend to be durable. Combat has always been a integral part in my groups, I prefer exploration to social adventures like intrigue and politics. Compared to classical D&D Dungeom delving it feels different, not that static like D&D (though I still love D&D). I am curious how they will handle scaling, for example ogres, giants, wyverns. If Genesys fantasy is anything like Conan 2D20 from Jay Little, then combat should be a ton of fun.
  15. When will Mimimal Star be published? I am looking forward to playing a campaign in a lilliput setting!