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  1. Regularly from a jedi academy and then doing a apprenticeship under a jedi knight/master, so nothing self-taught.
  2. I would like to run a game that either takes place in a KotoR/Clone Wars or in a post OT New Republic era and contains regular jedi characters in a stable jedi order environment. Now we have 4 jedi trees in Collapse of the Republic and Rise of the Seperatists which feel to be very few when compared to the wealth of the FaD careers and trees. How would you combine both, the jedi and the FaD trees to create regular diverse jedi characters? Are there maybe already threads/sources elaborating on this topic in depth (which I sadly didn't find with search)?
  3. I was very terrified and had an OMG moment, when Vader appeared. I also thought, that this is the end for Cere and Cal. But they escaped so narrowly and there was so much tension in their flight, I was relieved when those two characters I came to care for did manage to make it. Not any second did I have the impression that both had any chance to oppose Vader in earnest.
  4. I never played in any force heavy campaign and haven't dealt with the FaD books or the force careers in EotE or AoR much. Thankfully Collapse of the Republic and Rise of the Seperatists have those "original" Jedi careers. I could build Cere as a Jedi/master and as you mentioned Cal as a padawan, both maybe having purchased the additional +1 FR for 30XP at char creation. What I still haven't figured out is how all those FaD careers could fit in a campaign with regular jedi set in an prequel trilogy era for instance, if at all (as I remember - but I might be completely incorrect - that FaD careers are rather intended for those "self taught" post order 66 force users who learned the usage of the force by holocron or whatever means).
  5. A great game with a storyline that had me excited from the first to the very last second. It captured skillfully how a survivor of order 66 must have felt. All the protagonists were very likable and though I loved the dynamics between Cal and BD-1 I loved the dynamics between Cere and Cal even more. Greez was great anyways and the akward nightsister is very promising as well. I hope to see the same cast in Fallen Order 2 and how the relations of the protagonists will evolve. All in all a very enjoyable game with a very star warsy athmosphere. More of that and less of this repetetive and boring Battlefront XYZ shooter fest. And many might disagree, but I personally think that Cal captures the padawan survivor way better than Kanan does in Rebels.
  6. Looks very great and handy, thank you very much!
  7. DarthDude


    To spill some info, I start with Species Creation, I absolutely love that part of the book which is subjected in 20 pages. I try to be somewhat vague to prevent the post being removed. You start with 110 XP and go through a couple of tables with choices about the appearance and racial benefits/disadvantages. You can either customize your species or generate it randomly, which sounds like fun as well. On each table depending on your choice you add or subtract XP from your starting 110 XP (in case you customize, doesn't apply to random generation). You are allowed to go as low as 65 XP in this process. 1. You start with the form, which is rather cosmetic, like Bodiless, Humanoid, amorphous, etc. You do not spend/receive XP on this. 2. Next you choose the physiology, with choices like Floral, Gaseous, Insectoid, etc, they all come with mechanical impact on the species. For instance, incorporeal increases the difficulty od Brawn and Agility checks by 2, but also grants Willwpoer in addition to Brawn to Soak. And you can pass through solid material as long as your move does not end inside them. This may cost XP. 3. Silhoutte with ranges from 0 to 3 with an impact on woulnd threshholds and encumberance. This may cost XP. 4. Locomotion method, Ambulation, Flight, Rolling etc. Rolling for instance grants a free second maneuver without strain cost, as long as this maneuver is a move. This may cost XP. 5. Manipulation method, like Mental, Hands, Tentacles, etc. Tentacles, for instance, grant the ensnare 1 item quality on brawl/melee attacks. This may cost XP. 6. Dominant sense, like Thelepathy, Thermal, Visual, etc. For instance, themal deducts one black die due to darkness, smoke, etc. but adds one if the surrounding temperature is exceptionally high or low. This may cost XP. 7. Species features, well this is the longest table in the creation process (up to two features). It goes from Amphibuous, Digger to Luminescent, fast metabolism, fiery aura and the likes. It's a kind of general store of abilities which doesn't fit into the previous tables. Fiery aura grants a fire source rating 3 as in p. 111 of the CRB. This may cost XP. 8. Culture, like Spiritual, Competetive, Warlike, etc. For instance, competetive grants +1 to Cunning. This may cost XP. 9. Tech level, like Sophisticarted, Advanced, etc. which does not cost XP but basically grants you a rank in one skill (you can choose from 2). For instance, advance grants 1 rank in either charm or streetwise. 10. Starting experience, ranged from 70 to 100 XP, which is though only valid if you generated the species randomly. 11. The final table lists the Aspect of the creature, like Elegant, Begnin, Friendly, Nightmarish. This does not cost XP and is rather descriptive for narrative purposes. Overall, this species creation method covers a lot aspects, I love it. I gave the random generation a shot and this is what I came up with: 1. Humanoid 2. Mineral (+1 Brawn, -1 Agility) 3. Silhouette 1 4. Locomotion method: Ambulation (walking) 5. Manipulation Method: Pincers (1 setback die when fine manipulation is required but item quality vicious 1 on unarmed attacks) 6. Dominant sense: Auditory (hearing or echolocation, no setback die in darkness, etc but 1 setback die if in environment hampering soundwaves) 7. Species feature (I chose to roll 2): tireless (does not need to rest and does not get setback dice from exhaustion); desert dwelle (adapted to arid/hot environments, removes 1 setback die in such environments) 8. Culture: Scholary (+1 to intellect) 9. Tech level: advanced 1 rank in charm or streetwise 10. Starting XP: 90 11. Aspect: Monstrous Meet the new species Crystal Cleaver: Species Abilities: Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence 3 1 3 2 2 2 Starting wound Threshhold: 10 + Brawn Starting strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower Starting Experience: 90 XP Starting Sklill: 1 rank in Charm Tireless: does not need to rest and does not get setback dice from exhaustion Desert Dweller: adapted to arid/hot environments, removes 1 setback die in such environments Auditory: hearing or echolation, no setback die in darkness, etc but 1 setback die if in environment hampering soundwaves Pincers (1 setback die when fine manipulation is required but item quality vicious 1 on unarmed attacks) Vaguely looking like unshaply eyeless humanoids, composed of minerals in colors repulsive to most other species sights, these scholarly and resilient creatures radiate a serene charm nonetheless. Blind by nature, they perceive their surroundings by echolocation, emitting sound produced by vibrations not audible by most other creatures. Usually peaceful, these highly intelligent creatures can deal a nasty sting with its pincers if cornered. Living in an advanced society on the desert planet of Tootaine, this species of academics strives to gather new knowledge.
  8. DarthDude


    Keyforge arrived today, great addition to the Genesys library!
  9. DarthDude


  10. DarthDude


    Was able to order it in my neighbouring country Denmark. It is expected to arrive tomorrow. 😊 Beats me how scandinavia managed to have it in stock at this time, when no one else has. 😁
  11. DarthDude

    Pierce Tweek

    Makes sense. I always viewed the Brawn part as the constitution part of soak rather than just "thick skin".
  12. You could also consider the new homebrew spell type telekinesis, GM Chris came up with in the Forge podcast: https://forgegenesys.files.wordpress.com/2019/11/forge8-1.pdf So to say, casting telekinesis on yourself could do the trick.
  13. Would love to see a Treasure Planet like setting. Went to rewatch that movie the second you mentioned it. 😁
  14. Definitely the pyramid. The one aspect I didn't appreciate in narrative dice Star Wars was the inflexibility in character progression. In Genesys though, you do not have to hop around several careers to acquire certain talents and have to buy a ton of talents that are of no use to you, you can truly develope your character freely. @Xcapobl , thus tier 5 talents don't necessarily have to be more expensive, if you can focus on those tier 1 to 4 talents, you really want to get.
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